Saturday, November 22, 2008

there outta be a law...

... once again the brats of the neighborhood have struck again... not me but Jeremy. His window in his truck was shot at, perhaps a BB gun. When officer D (I know him, he went to school with my kids ), was looking over the damage I showed up and said, "hi D" We public servants must stick together. D is the type that rarely smiles and takes his job as O-town's finest very seriously. All day long during my routes I smile knowing D will be pulling over the next housewife speeding or teen not wearing his seat belt or God forbid his stereo too loud. I've even seen him go after a man turning left on a clearly marked no left turn & a woman pass on the right in a no shoulder passing lane.

Nothing was stolen from Jeremy's truck, and since he is going through a rather heated divorce involving other parties I figured that the window damage was from the other party. I stated that I thought it wasn't kids doing this damage. Of course Officer D snapped, "and you're an expert???!". I laughed, schooled by a cop! When the officer that was at my own crime scene appeared I told on Officer D, he had made fun of a bus driver in front of her own kid! Rightly so, it seems the town brats are at it again, this time tagging the American Legion's garbage cans, (how dare they mess with Veterans!) and someone's garage.

Officer D is pissed, he's tired of paperwork, and my family is tired of replacing windows!


Remo said...

Officer D needs to take a chill-pill. He gets paid by the hour like the rest of us.

Martha said...

Officer D sounds like an officer in my area - he's the one who shows up on every call and takes his job just a little too seriously. I swore he was the only cop that worked this area for years - he looks just like Barney from the old Andy Griffith Show! LOL!
Sorry you are continuing to have problems no matter who is doing it!

Ellen said...

Officer D needs to relax a bit.
I'm sorry to hear your having these problems.
Take Care

lisa jo said...

gee, maybe his gun belt is too tight. XO

Indigo said...

First that picture is priceless. Second I wouldn't have any patience with officer D and would be back in his face. (Of course that routine has had me sitting in jail cell to cool my heals off at one time or another, it's also not wise to badmouth judges now that I think of it).

Sorry to hear your family has been hit yet again by the unruly teens. (Hugs)Indigo