Tuesday, September 22, 2009

busy busy...

So much going on...mostly working...I did not take a route package. I am what is called a standby and a sub for mid days. Translated in normal people terms...I basically sub set hours and get called in for mid days. I get a lot of athletic trips and so far I am working more hours than I used to. This includes Saturdays. It's fun and I enjoy the change.

Liz is moving out next month and the two older stepson's are moving in. I will see the grand sons much more as they will living here also, part time...this should be interesting.

My oldest stepson does motivate my husband and so far the list of home repairs is shrinking, including having my house painted.

Mrs. H is become more confused but is still too healthy physically to pass away...I still work for her.

I will try harder to post...I miss my journal!!!