Monday, June 29, 2009

Jacob's 6!

Jacob turned 6 today. His daddy will have a party for him on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile I am out of my funk. After a good cry on Sunday morning, and a visit with my ex sister in law, I am back to my normal upbeat self...

I started my route, which I will share with another driver, today. It is special needs grade school aged and all are mellow and quiet, mostly girls for a change.

The weather is cooler and sunny...nice change from all the heat. No matter I have an air conditioned bus.

The kids love this swing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

vent time...

My daughter Liz, my son Eric

Now I remember why I have a's a safe place to share...vent...bitch... My family thinks blogs are stupid so they will never read here goes My husband's brother is here...he is running from whatever demons real or imagined from his latest home...he's going to their sister house in Michigan...he can't leave until Wednesday. Right now he's downstairs with the TV husband will not say no to him, me? I am not afraid, I already told brother that nothing would be different in Michigan because he'd still be there, he is the problem. I told my husband I did not want this situation with him working and his brother here, but here he is... I went to a wedding yesterday, friends of my stepsons. I had been in the sun all day at the pool with the grand kids, I was burnt...I had fun at the wedding, knew many people. Only bitch yesterday was that Jacob threw a fit and screamed his head off when he had to go with his mom. He wanted my stepson, but my stepson went to a party...shame, that kid loves his daddy.

Tonight I chose to not take time off from Mrs. H's to go to a wedding that my son Eric was the best man. I love the groom, I used to come home to find him sleeping on my couch. Innocent childhood stuff. I misread the wedding invitation and got to the party right after they had served the food. The dress I wanted to wear was not right according to my daughter and husband...winter they said. I was so pissed I grabbed the dress I wear out of the dirty clothes pile, sprayed it with perfume and left. I did put it on first! My daughter was mad that we were late and smarted off I was so ticked that I got up from the table to leave. But did not as I was not ruining my evening for no one. The evening ended up being wonderful. My son thanked me ... he and the groom were happy I was there, they didn't mind my dress or me being late. Mrs H was a pain tonight, complaining about her help, wanting me to take sides. I used the complaining as a way to get out early. I made them talk to each other and then left.

My husband is working right now, calling me & complaining about everything...always complaining rarely acting ...
I was miffed he had taken two days off of work to hang out with his old classmates, but refuses to take time off for my stuff...
But now I just remembered ... "this too shall pass"

I am tired , it's late and I get to referee Mrs H and her help tomorrow @ 8 am

My son Eric and I...this dress has seen 4 weddings but I like it

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I took the boys to Bouncetown. It's a warehouse with 3 large rooms filled with inflatable bouncy toys. Jacob and Dakota had fun. Dayton still needed Grandma Roses to go with him on the toys.

I liked the big slides best!

These tall yellow guys were great to punch!

In the snack room they had a machine that had long spouts of colored sugar that you could buy and put in long tubes. Who in their right mind would pay to sugar up a kid???

I was mean and let the kids buy water and crackers. Judging from the 100 degree temps my choice was right.

Bet they took a great nap for their mom who picked them up after I fed them lunch and let them rest in the air conditioning.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

class reunion

Hubby's class reunion get together was this past weekend. Above is hubby on the right with an old classmate. This was the 2nd get together in two years so it was better for me than last year as I already was reacquainted with most of his class. He is two years older than I, we went to the same high school.

I am the one in the yellow top, I felt like it was cool to show off my small frame, with my tight top..:p

me with the shades, hubby in the white tee.

The girls from his class that had the hots for him in the past behaved themselves...and so did I.

It was good time

Monday, June 15, 2009

going to chi town...

Mark and I were both off today...and the Shedd Aquarium had free admission so we hoped in the car and head to Chicago. As we approaching the Lake Shore Drive all the traffic was being forced off in the opposite direction of the way we wanted to go. There were police, both State and Chicago in massive numbers... like something horrible had happened ... we saw a Military helicopter over head. Later as we finally got on the Drive toward the museums we saw the Presidential motorcade and realized the President had been in Chicago. Guess our country must go to great lengths to protect him.

We got to the Shedd and realized everybody in Northern Illinois wanted to take advantage of the free day...super crowded. So we went to the Field Museum next door, we had a great time there and later after the Aquarium cleared we spent time there too.

Afterward we took a walk along the shore of Lake Michigan.

Went home late enough to miss the rush hour traffic. Nice mini vacation...

Monday, June 8, 2009

my sick boy

Yesterday Jacob and Dayton helped us in the yard watering and filling the pond. Poor Dakota had a fever and had to stay in. We all went inside and checked in on him. He and I watched Spiderman during one of my check in's. He kept telling my husband to feel his ears, "my ears are on fire Grandpa!". His "pals" cheetah bear and ruff the dog kept him company...cheetah bear once got puked on at my house.

One of the best parts of being a bus driver is that I get to spend some of my summer with these precious boys. We all discussed some of plans for the summer ahead...the pool, the park and Bounce town...I can't wait!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

hey all!


Hi all school's finally out and I can be online once again. My husband works nights and our computer is in the bedroom. He sleeps weird hours so it's hard to get to my blog. We have moved things around and will relocate the computer to what is now an office of sorts.

I am on facebook more often, but even then it's just to pop in and say hello. Yesterday was my birthday and I find it a sign of our times that so many friends old and newer wished me a happy b'day via facebook. A bunch of my cousins even found me on facebook. I recommend the site. It's fun if you use it properly.

This school year was a long one and is finally over! I will be sharing a route again in July so I am off for a few blissful weeks! I still have my weekend job with Mrs H, and with the boys next door a few times a week visiting my son, I will be busy, but have much more freedom.

Mark has been extra busy with work, so we can handle me being off a few weeks. I am sure I will sub or do trips, but I need the break. Kids today can be so damn difficult, most are sweet, but when you have a kid that tells you that you have a big hairy butt, well then it's time to be done for the year!!!

I am doing great though and completely blessed!!!!