Sunday, October 3, 2010

my son Tim and his wife Kristen

Walked the Lupus walk today. My son's friend has Lupus and his team raised $8,800! I enjoyed seeing old friends and some of my son's friends. It was great day! The walk was gorgeous as it was a sunny crisp day.

I have been able to let a lot of my worries go...except my job...I am still mad that we are short drivers and we are contracting out, which is so against my belief a tax paying citizen I hate waste!!

Plus contracting is taking money out of my pocket. But like all things this too shall pass!

While I was unable to work Friday night I did enjoy some fun time with my grandsons, and my Saturday trip last 9 1/2 hours plus $25 for a meal...all things do work out.

Friday, October 1, 2010

This has been one hell of a week. We are short drivers at work, so when we are, me as a sub must drive even if I have a sports trip...which means I forfeit the trip ($$) and must run the route. Football season Friday night games are at least 6 hours of overtime for me and Friday is a day of high call offs...Last week the office girl in charge got a contract company to do the drop off and I got to go to the school and wait for team...this week the Director found out and had the contract bus do the whole trip meaning , I did not get my trip. We really need drivers and for some reason the world is short good quality drivers, maybe the world is just short good quality workers.

I figured out how to outsmart the system and will be doing this until we get more drivers...

Other more personal stuff is happening, not with my marriage, but my son and his soon to be ex and not agreeing on their divorce and their kid's visitations...which breaks my heart as I love these boys. I know the courts will be fair as the boys need both parents and our extended family.

It's just another concern on my mind...oh and that someone walked into our home at 1 am and took some items out of my kitchen, thank God the neighbor scared them my son had a gun pointed at them from the next room...he did not see them, but heard them. We now lock our home which is a huge hassle, but a sense and having blood all over.

Otherwise my life is filled with normal drama...whatever that is...

I know all this will pass...thank God I truly believe that saying...

I have a lupus walk I am participating in on Sunday and walking distance always makes me feel better...I am walking with my son Tim and his pregnant wife...this should take my mind off all the negative stuff...