Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have been spending a lot of my summer with family.   We get grand baby number 6 in a couple of weeks.  He will be another boy named Tommy.    Blessed for sure!

Some ex rifts (on both sides) have mellowed with time.   I am firm with my boundaries, but have relaxed my self rightous feelings and decided to adapt the live and let live motto. What the ex's do is their problem the kids/grand kids are what are important.  Much easier to deal with family get togethers.

I will be a trainer for work next week.  Good for me as I chose not to work much this summer, and the money will be nice.   We are able to back to Florida during the new year so I am happy about that.

My daughter is getting married in October so that will be a busy time too.

Busy + family = happy Rose   BUT add some hubby only + me = much happier!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I see bloggers are coming back!  I'm going to try harder too!  I'm fresh from a 12 day vacation to Florida.  Great for both the soul and my marriage.  Our first day back, yesterday was full of little annoying trials but no matter today is a new day.   I have a field trip today to the water park so I should get moving.

I have a busy few months ahead...will update those soon!