Tuesday, September 27, 2011

joy from the ashes...

Nearly a year ago someone did this to my truck.  We woke up at 1 am to the sound of a horn blasting & my stepson's truck burning in the street.  After investigating we found our truck ablaze just 3 feet away from our garage door.  This all happened during the stormy divorce of my stepson.  We have suspected as to whom did this.  After gathering evidence  and nearly a year the police have closed our case.  They say they cannot prove anything against anyone.  

I am disappointed but not surprised...this felony arson happened just a few weeks after our robbery, and a few other crimes in our neighborhood, after this fire all the crime stopped...the police in my town are not used to such crimes...as a matter of fact about 10 of them stood mouths gaping at our fire.

I am left with trusting God as always He makes all things right...plus who every did this and they are close to us, they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives...we have moved on...what we value ... family and our love for them  is still very very much alive...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The boys started football last week.  They are on a new team in a new league, so they are really just learning.  Jake gets the game, but thinks too much and Cody just goes out and tackles.  They are having fun that's what matters.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

school's in

School's in...so is summer...it's HOT here again. In the 90's today, but lucky me has an air bus. I have wheelchair disabled children who need the air, so lucky me gets to benefit too, by a nice cool ride.

The first day of school I was greeted by the biggest smile from a handicapped junior high girl who is so good at controlling her wheelchair with her head I was left smiling myself. Every morning so far she thinks I am the best thing ever.

All the kids I have on my routes are awesome and so far so good ...

Tomorrow is going to be hot again, but next comes the three day weekend!!