Sunday, November 30, 2008

1 month!! of posts, well almost!

I am one day shy of making 30 posts in 30 days. Pretty good, since I used to show up at AOL journals once a week ;0

Actually my computer helps, the old one was such a relic that it took forever to boot up and the processor was very very slow. Much easier on the new-er Dell. Plus I enjoy this place, it's fun.

The boys and I had a fun time last evening. They love the attention and I love giving it out.

Now hubby is next door with his sons play Wii or however you spell it. Actually that game system is pretty cool, just the thing for the modern working type, too lazy to go outside for entertainment or if you have Wii workout you can exercise indoors. cough cough. I rather like being in the world walking around, but whatever works, call me old fashion. I know it is really fun for all, so I'll stop being a brat.

Last night I was telling the kids about the Nintendo system I had. It's the original one but refurbished so you don't have to blow in the game (anyone with a system from back then knows what I am talking about) I told them I'd set it up in the room I fixing up for just them. First they had to look in the room as they thought Uncle Jim's stuff was still in there, even though they know he moved in with their dad. Uncle Jim has a huge TV and of course the Wii. Then they wanted to know if the games were a Wii. They seemed satisfied with what I had plans for. It's all in the presentation...present it happy and they are happy too.

Now it's snowing, again, prediction is for 3 to 6 inches...who knows...seems the ground is too warm for that, but I am only bus driver what do I know????

Tomorrow it's back to reality...for three weeks at least, then it's Christmas break! The life of a bus driver!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

leftovers ... and some babie time

The kids were back from their Nonnie's ( the other grandmother) and wanted to spend time with Grandma Roses. I grabbed them after I got done at 7:00 with Mrs H. She was feisty and happy her regular full time girl was back from her break.

We spent time playing with the Lego set that my older kids had buried in the back of the closet. Most were sets & the kids were impressed with all the 'guys'

Lego sets are expensive and these groups survived in a covered tube.

All are asleep now, nothing like listening to the sound of a snoring child!

Friday, November 28, 2008

home alone....

son Eric, Kristen, son Tim, daughter Liz
and dear old me!

Thanksgiving was wonderful...every year more of my stepchildren get a clue into reality and realize that they have 2 parents or in the case of my married stepson 3. I try not to be a total jerk, but this kid/man/adult has never been to our house for a Thanksgiving meal. His mother yes, well sorta ... it's always her parents, who live around the corner from them, we live 5 minutes from them. Guess the pay back will come when their future son disses them for some hot girl's perfect family... oh speaking of that, youngest stepson did just that. And middle stepson is the king of avoidance he worked and skipped everyone.

BUT mine where all here along with 2 of my husband's boys, youngest stepson showed after we were done eating then left hot/rich/going back to school in Texas new girlfiend was calling. He went to his mother's, then dumped her for a party with 'the boys'. He has priorities!

It was a normal celebration...full of sarcastic banter. Liz's boyfriend was here, along with my son's wife to be. One thing Mark and I lucked out on was our kids all get along...better with age. Everyone is welcome at our table.

The grandkids were with their mother, and later the stepson's mom, they spent last night there, but not Dayton he came to visit this morning for some Grandparent spoiling.

Don't let the cute face fool you, he's a stinker....

And I did have pie for's fruit right???

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy Thanksgiving!!!

Fantastic day filled with my children, food and laughs!...and best of all Mark did not have to work tonight!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

do you wanna hear a joke???

The other day while shopping for Mrs H, my part time job on the weekend, I overheard a gentlemen mumbling about pies. I was looking for a pint of vanilla ice cream. Did you know they don't make store brand pints anymore? At least at Jewel. I turn around and said man says, "is this Mince meat?" Me, "no, it's berry" I find him mince meat, I talked him into 2, they were buy one get one free. He looks at me and says, "wanna hear a joke?" Oh course I do. It wasn't too dirty, but it included an ass, a rattle snake and sucking out venom. He was happy...

It seems my life is one of extremes ... old people on the weekends and kids during the week, & a few under 5, grand kids in between.

All require a lot of patience....hopefully one of the under 5 will return the favor when I am an oldster!

Have a grateful Thanksgiving !

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

time for a happy entry!....

Whew, end of a work week...::yawn:: stretch...oops I only worked two days! But the two days were very long. Last night ended at 8:30 pm. I even had blood shot eyes from all the driving. AND no nap, which is usually scheduled between kindergarten routes, but NO. Today was easier, parents who 'forgot' their kids were getting out early were home, and waiting. I guess a trip to the school to retrieve their kid cured that. My trip this evening was over at 8:00, and was both boys basketball teams, they won so they were singing, rapping (if you call it that) and high fiving each other the 20 minutes home, thank God it was only 20 minutes, traffic was bad.

Did you know that there are very few pay phones anymore? I found that out last night. The girls basketball team played at a Catholic school in a very well to do suburb. I dropped my team and proceeded to call hubby and chat about the state of our life. Cell phone kept turning off, dang it. Then refused to power up. So the evening was nice, the town lovely with plenty of shops large and small. I took off on my quest for a pay phone. I even looked in the Jewel and Walgreen's, the train station had what used to be a phone, but it was removed. I thought about going in to a bar, but all of those were very high end. And of course everywhere I went people had phones hanging off their ears. I wasn't worried about calling hubby as my phone did this before -- cause? faulty battery. But I love the hunt...the search, plus a good brisk walk beats yelling at a kid.

I ended up going back to the nice Catholic school and tried my dang phone again with success.

Oh and according to the nice ladies giving away Turkey's they had a pay phone in the basement.


Monday, November 24, 2008


Big project---taking out old fashioned ceiling in dining room---1 hours later dry walled and ready for middle kid to mud and pays to have talented children!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

in your face officer D!

The crime wave continues. I was correct the hit on my son's truck was not kids or very brave kids. Someone threw two cups of gasoline through the hole in the window onto the back seat of the extended cab of his F150, and lit it. Burning all three car seats, blackening windows and frying seat belts.

Sorry officer, but this is case of someone who is very angry at my stepson. What was once a prank is now arson. And on the very seats my grandson's sit to be protected during their rides in dad's truck.

I am pissed and I am sickened by the lengths that grown people stoop.

I only hope my grandson's are save and the jerk that did this left enough evidence at the scene that police can find them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

there outta be a law...

... once again the brats of the neighborhood have struck again... not me but Jeremy. His window in his truck was shot at, perhaps a BB gun. When officer D (I know him, he went to school with my kids ), was looking over the damage I showed up and said, "hi D" We public servants must stick together. D is the type that rarely smiles and takes his job as O-town's finest very seriously. All day long during my routes I smile knowing D will be pulling over the next housewife speeding or teen not wearing his seat belt or God forbid his stereo too loud. I've even seen him go after a man turning left on a clearly marked no left turn & a woman pass on the right in a no shoulder passing lane.

Nothing was stolen from Jeremy's truck, and since he is going through a rather heated divorce involving other parties I figured that the window damage was from the other party. I stated that I thought it wasn't kids doing this damage. Of course Officer D snapped, "and you're an expert???!". I laughed, schooled by a cop! When the officer that was at my own crime scene appeared I told on Officer D, he had made fun of a bus driver in front of her own kid! Rightly so, it seems the town brats are at it again, this time tagging the American Legion's garbage cans, (how dare they mess with Veterans!) and someone's garage.

Officer D is pissed, he's tired of paperwork, and my family is tired of replacing windows!

Friday, November 21, 2008

finally friday...

This year my children are being grown ups and have decided split their holiday fairly between us and their other parents. Any other year their other parents want to hog them. The kids are coming here in the early afternoon, evening with them. Thanksgiving is less the a week away and my house is a mess. The drop ceiling in my dining room is down, waiting to be replaced this weekend. My living room needs to be moved around to make room for a couch I gained custody of from Jeremy and Tracey's impending divorce. It's very nice, suede, & replies all sorts of liquids.

Jim, 2nd of Mark's sons moved in with us 2 years ago, into an upstairs room that was once shared by my son Tim (my oldest) and Matt, Mark's middle son. Then later by the youngest, Dale, who is now in a downstairs bedroom closest to the back door. Meaning he won't be here long if I can help it. Jim has since vacated the upstairs room and I am stuck with the mess. Like an evicted tenant there is leftovers from each of the kids that have occupied the room, mostly stuffed into the very large closet.

When my mother was alive she loved to go to garage sales and pick up games and such that the kids would like. Those are in there, puzzles, hundreds of VHS tapes, Nintendo games, books of Liz's that somehow made it in there. Pictures, even a box of Matt's old clothes from high school. Mostly baggy shorts and shirts that somehow after nearly 10 years are back in style, at least by high school kids that refuse to give up that hideous fad. The sight of a nearly grown kid holding his pants up by his crotch is nothing a person should have to look at day and day out.

With all this Mark is back to hauling mail at night, including the weekend. I wonder if I'll have a ceiling for Thanksgiving?? At least I am done with work on Tuesday night. I am off school from Wednesday to Sunday!!! Except for my four 2 hour shifts with Mrs H on the weekend I will be off from work!

I am nearly done with the bedroom, I have happily tossed most of the crap. Saved a box of nearly complete Lego sets that the grand kids will love. The bedroom will be for them to use. They can stay here as long as they like!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

pretend like it yesterday!

oops middle son was here and finally back home (living with his dad) from his Ohio job for Menard's. He transferred to a nearby town and is doing fine. So I neglected my entry for yesterday... I'll do two today!!!

I am proud of my children and their work ethic...

In life if you work hard you will succeed!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

busy tuesday...

The snow we had yesterday barely hung around. It basically dusted the ground and melted as soon as the sun hit it. Nice try winter! Not so lucky was Indiana they got socked by Lake Michigan and it's snow effect...6 to 12 inches. Part of the area is where Mark drives when he works for the Mail contractor on the way to Indianapolis. Fortunately he did not do that run tonight.

It's always a hazard in the winter driving down Interstate 65 in Indiana. Lots of blowing and drifting of snow. Both of my husband's jobs are effected by the weather. Guess that's part of driving for a living. I try not to let it worry me.

I had a junior high trip after school. Took the wrestling teams and the 8th grade basketball team to a near by junior high which is also a district school. Write up boy was present and made a smart remark to me. Then proceeded to tell very very strict coach, whom I am familiar with that I was the mean bus driver that wrote him up. Coach told him to apologize to me, which he half heartily did. Some junior high kids do not behave for long, I am sure this is not finished. No worries, I've dealt with this type before.

My dil has decided to let Jeremy see the boys...I spent some time with them after work. gotta get my renewed hope in humanity and they are just the dose of love I needed!
sleeping angels!

Monday, November 17, 2008

computer fixed

Computer fixed!!! yay it was just a loose module!!!!! Now if we can figure out what's wrong with Liz's laptop ;)

New window is also installed in her car!

Also it snowed here!! OH NO!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

blogathon #5!

Tried to boot up my new, to me, computer that was freshly cleaned and given to me by my son Tim...but NO ! Computer would not boot up!!! Dell has a handy diagnostic tool that lets you figure out what's wrong.

It says my memory module is bad. Dang it!

Have I hit the three things going wrong rule yet??????

Saturday, November 15, 2008

better get in number 4!!

Blogathon weekend!!

I better get in entry number 4. Tomorrow I am working at Mrs H's in the am and pm. Hubby is working tonight and was hoping he could do the Indianapolis run, which is get in a truck drive to Indy trade trailers and drive back. He did that run on a temp basis last winter which lasted to June before he went back to the construction regular job. He ran the Indy route last night. He has been doing a city route near Chicago for a while on Saturday nights. He uses his voodoo man charm to train all the postal help (women) at night to be ready for him, load him and off he goes. He's usually polite too...oh and good looking.

He was mad that they did not let him have his way tonight. The girl that used to dispatch all his work and has the hots for anything male quit or got fired. Now he has to settle for a guy dispatcher, who isn't that easy to charm. Plus hubby likes girls!

weekend blogathon...

Going to see the grand kids ... finally....

because of circumstances beyond my control...or understanding... I have not seen my boys in nearly a month...

They're next door ...

I am off to be grandma roses!!!


The weekend's here and it's gloomy, chilly and the wind is to pick least it's done raining.

Up for today is working for Mrs H this morning and evening. Getting Liz's car to the window shop to get a new window. She'll actually be taking it but I have to explain how to get there.

In between Mrs H shifts I am joining a group of girls for a late lunch at Applebees. My friend picked that place because she is the Goddess of coupons and they have 2 for 1 meals.

A must during these freaky times. At least gas is cheap-er...$2.20 here.

Have a good one!

Friday, November 14, 2008

more tales from bus 60...

I really should resurrect my bus journal...some of the things that happen on my bus could fill a book.

This school year I picked my grandson's route, which is a high school route (nice neighborhood, good kids with parents that PARENT), a junior route that I only drive them home, only 15 kids but three of them are step siblings and they can be defiant, and a very obedient grade school route with over 50 kids on that route. Many years I am "asked" to step in with routes that have kids that are either in trouble with the law or are headed that way. This year I designed my day to avoid that at all costs. My midday is all kindergartners no early learning center with a monitor. I wanted my year to be peaceful and my job to be my happy place. I must of know my own adult family would be nuts and my home sometimes not so peaceful.

Anyway, grandson moved away with mom for the divorce, but I kept the route. Most days are fine, today must of been a full moon...because my pm went like this.

A near fight between two girls, one who is on my route another who wanted to ride home with another girl, I kicked the girl off who is not on my route list. Junior high route, one boy is mad at me because of a write up, he is letting me know this by his stomping down the aisle and sister is making snide remarks. Big deal I've raised boys, they'll both outgrow this stupidity. Besides I have a brand new camera on my bus to document it all.

Grade school route is fine as always...but give them time they haven't hit puberty, yet!

At least it's Friday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

oh thanks!

Thanks for all the comments! In life bad happens. It's like the roll of the dice. Since I have a rather large amount of children, my odds are greater for bad stuff. But then the odds for good stuff are pretty high too. So forget the bad...I am going to focus on the good, Tim getting engaged, plus he and his future Mrs. (that feels weird!) are including Liz in the wedding ... she was thrilled therefore her crappy day yesterday was made happy by an email from the future Mrs Tim.

Otherwise, I am over the whole window thing. It's going to cost a $85 for a new one, installed, not too bad.

Just glad my kid is OK and her car is not damaged. From now on she leaves the car unlocked and takes the stereo with her!

I did ask one of my "worldly" girls on my high school route (whose name is the same as mine!) if she knew anyone selling hot stereos and she said she'd think about it. Today she gave me a name, and I thought for a minute and said, "Hey what a minute... Isn't that the kid that you wish dead because he turned you into the police for having an illegal item in your purse???" "Well yes...but..."

Yeah right! Like I am gonna fall for that!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Every morning I stop at home ... say hi to the kid or the hubby. There's a nice funeral home a block a way that I park my large bus in. This morning I pull up park, and I see daughter and husband marching toward me, and behind them two squad cars. DAMN!

I am mad, because I know the popping noises that I heard at 1:30 am came from my kid's car (parked on the street) along with the neighbor's car. Seems some delinquent, bratty, worthless kids broke her window and took her stereo. Stereo I can deal with, window and all that glass smashed all over her front seat and on her college books, made me want to ring someone's neck!

Popping noise at 1 am I figured it was neighbor as I looked out the window saw his lights on in his truck and another car behind it. I figured they were making noise like they some times do. But no it was the sound of cinder blocks hitting his truck window.

I said a variety of bad words in front of the police, they were sympathetic, told me that I should never hesitate to call them at night. We have plenty of them to go around! Then I found out that the neighbor down the alley, same thing broken window, stolen GPS. Down the block too.

I am putting the word out on the street...I will find you and you will pay...or at least your parents will!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"bus driver..."

K: " bus driver?"
Me: "Yes, student?" I really do call them student when they call me bus driver, they know my name.
K: " S is crying!"

Me: "oh?"
K: " bus driver, S is freaking out"

S is freaking out. why? he's 6 and he can't find his glove. School aid is called and calms S. She knows all the secret in school answers, I only know the on the bus answers

S: "Guess what bus driver? my glove is on the floor!"

For the 3rd time week!


Monday, November 10, 2008


Another Monday, except it's about 50 degrees colder than last ... why oh why am I still here in the freezing Midwest?? Job, kids, grand kids, the known...guess that's why.

Driving around all day gives me an up close and personal view of the fine citizens that drive through my little part of the world. Being in taller than most vehicle gives me an especially keen view of others. The only time I've seen something especially interesting was on a country road a couple of years ago, a couple making out. My husband, a very seasoned truck driver often get the porno views, pantless people, etc. He's even been flashed. Guess being a man will bring that out in a lady.

A school bus also brings out the craziness in people. Even when I am empty people freak and don't want be behind me. While some citizens are polite, courteous and willing to let me do my job, some it seems, the sight of a stopped school bus and it's stop sign brings out the insanity in them.

For instance...I stopped on a two lane highway dropping off a 7 th grader. I let traffic know well in advance via my yellow lights that I was going to be stopping. Crazy lady in car 3 behind me decides she does NOT want to wait for me, she proceeds to drive around me on the RIGHT shoulder...she only stops when she realizes she is going to run over my very large student! I didn't even care that said student cursed at her, hell me too!

I've seen people nearly rear end motorcycles stopped for me. They've even tried to go around me past the actually sign. Many are yakking on the cell phone, or just plan have their heads up their butts.

And don't tell me to try and bust these idiots ... I have no time to try and write down license numbers and decriptions. My job is to make sure junior gets off the bus safely.

Drive safe you all!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

being a grown up...'d think by now I'd have this parenting thing down. Anybody who says that their parenting ends when the kids turn 18 are nuts, crazy...

For example my 8...

One is going through a divorce...both are not playing nice. kids and grandma suffers...

Two are alcoholics in the making...

One is oblivious to the whole in never never land...(which to me sounds ok sometimes, but not realistic)

Two are very very almost overly responsible...not a bad thing in these times...

The other two, they are stuck between grown up and being a little kid, and these two have an age difference of nearly 10 years...but at least they are moving in the right direction...

:::sigh::: I guess a sure sign of being a good parent is knowing when to let them go...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Martha at Meandering Martha's Menagerie

I have to tell you six things I've never told you about myself, and then tag six other people to do the same. Here goes!

1. In high school I was very political, I met the then governor, Dan Walker. Years later he was arrested for some sort of criminal behavior.
2. I like to hang out in cemeteries
3. When I was in my 30's I dated a much younger guy, who was a bouncer at a blues club in Chicago.
4. I used to be very very shy
5. When I was very young whenever there was a tornado watch posted on TV I used to freak out and hide in the basement.
6. If I did not have children I would buy a van and travel up and down the west coast and be a bum & hang out on the beach!

Not good at tagging people!

Friday, November 7, 2008

a cold end of the week!

After our very warm week it ended with blowing winds, 40 degree temperatures and sleet. ICK! I of course was asked to do evacs. I never turn down work. It was fine this morning, but in the afternoon the pm kindergarten class had the normal little kid version and we went out the front service door. too much wind will blow the back door onto bus drivers head!

I spoke of the lottery in a previous entry. I was half joking, but my friends at work have been playing and last week Illinois had a special one. We went in on a ticket, but did not win. One of the girls wants us all to go in on a ticket every week for $1. You never know. I could have good news sometime in the future!

Actually our luck has been holding. Mark's been working extra and everyday for the past few weeks even on days that usually would be called off because of rain. YAY!

I truly believe though in life we make our own luck, besides there is way more to life than money. It's people that count!

And tomorrow I get to see my babies! double YAY!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It passed!

YAY! my truck passed!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it's a good day

My pick up truck which is a 2000 has to go to the emissions test lanes every couple of years for the clean air act. Every single time that stupid check engine light comes on right before it's due. Last time it was a $600 job. This time I was putting it off, but now the state of Illinois will not let you renew your plates unless it's past. I went it did not pass. I called my friendly neighborhood mechanic he told me the codes were for a faulty gas cap. YAY! Bought the cap for 20 bucks & tomorrow I am headed to the test lanes.

After work I got a haircut at great clips for 5 bucks! Then I found 2 dollars in the Halloween candy aisle! I better get the the gas station time to play the lottery!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I am updating this after a fun filled day of dodging voters! Yes, voters. For some stupid reason my community puts polling places at schools! My grade school not only had voters, but an excavating team digging up the school for the new addition. The morons did NOT put the chain link fence up quick enough for school to let out, needless to say the principal was quite freaked out. God forbid little junior fall into a hole!

Reminds me of last school year when a dump truck was dumping baseball mix at the ball field by another grade school this shortly before school was to let out. The 4th grade gym class was outside and the driver decided he wanted out...the gym teacher told him no, he'd have to wait until school was out...said driver proceeded to cuss out the teacher in front of the gaping mouths of the little tykes. The f word was used too. Never a dull moment around here in the burbs!

Monday, November 3, 2008


The group today for Evacs was not the most cooperative. The little ones (kindergarten) usually sit and stare at you. Some obnoxious ones raise their hands, which I them a question is a long story about how their dog ran across the street during a storm, dodging Mr happy neighbor's car by an inch. No thanks, my motto is tell them two things you want to them to remember; stay in your seat and be nice to your neighbor... and get them off the bus. The little kids need help jumping off the back off the bus, out the emergency door. My challenge? Some of these kids are bigger than I am!

One group of four graders would not shut up, they kept making remarks to each other. At the end I made the comment to the teacher that they weren't very well behaved. Her excuse? They've had a lot of subs...and she was one them of course. Poor woman looked like she had just swallowed a hand full of Valium. She'd need it!

Me? After a few bad years of very bad routes, evacs are a breeze. After all I don't have to drive them home!

this is my post of 11/1

Hee hee since I didn't do an entry on the 1st I'll do 2 today. Ever the over achiever! I am scheduled this morning between am and midday routes to teach Bus Evacuation drills to one of the grade schools. I always get one little smart alack who tries to dive out the back door. Last week I made a little snot who thought he was all cool cry. "It wasn't me!". It's all overtime and I love seeing all the different kids at the schools that we don't bus, as half our district is contract buses (First Student). Our district finds it cheaper to contract than buy more buses. We are always in fear of losing our jobs during contract time. BUT we have proven ourselves as much better time and time again!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am throwing down!

God help me I am going for this too!!! Blame it on Martha, if she can do it so can I!! Join in!!

a very good choice & Gallagher comes to town...

Always told my children to never settle, dive in, or hurry choosing any person they pick to be their future. My son Tim listen to mommy to a t! Last night he asked, and she accepted lovely Kristen to be his wife! Next September is to be the wedding. I, the well known gossip in town (I am known as Gladys (from Bewitched) at work) kept this secret for 2 long months!

The girl is WONDERFUL! She's also not crazy! That to me is a hard thing to find in the young girls of today. They are all either looking for bums who need to be fixed or looking for money, or worst yet drunks.

Also... Gallagher came to town...disguised as my son...I wonder if he smashed the watermelon before or after the vodka was added...

As for me & hubby we worked. I was asked, nicely, if I would be willing to work for Mrs H on Saturday mornings along with night & Sunday morning and night. The nights are early 5 to 7 so I said "yes" of course. It would be bad form for me to turn down extra income. She has been home now over a week and has a live in lady. A routine has been set up and we all are behaving well. Mrs H still loses her cool with us, as we don't give her time to "think" about things. But that's OK, she's 95 we are just youngsters...we will learn to behave eventually.