Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pre thanksgiving party...

This past Sunday we had our family Thanksgiving at the local pizza place. My kids and my husband's kids did their best to touch base, but they are all at different "places" in as it goes I had fun and to me being the mother figure I am the main thing that matters! ;)

Dayton and his favorite Aunt Lala...

The gang missing 3 of my husband's kids, Jim walked away from the pic and Jeremy had left already with the youngest stepson is still mad at us so he skips all family gatherings...7 out of 8 ain't bad!!!

Uncle Jim, my newest grandson Kaleb and my grand buddy Cody. Jake was there too but he escaped all the pictures!

On that day we had my husband and I, my 3 kids, plus a pregnant wife, a husband's 4 sons, a wife, a girlfriend and 4 grandsons...pretty dang awesome!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cody walks the dog

I was in charge of making sure my son Tim's dog got let out and walked this past weekend as he and his wife were gone for the day. My buddy (grandson) Cody took this task very seriously, until we stopped at the park...he took a play break, while the dog tried to dig holes under the

After his short break we took her home to play tug of war in the back yard....

This kid has future in dog walking !!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

baby shower

Yesterday was Kristen's baby shower. My new grand daughter will be born in January! Had so much fun finally seeing PINK!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the karate kid

Jacob sparring

watched the new Karate Kid with the boys last night...watched my own Karate Kids spar in their very first tournament today...

Kody number 1 !!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

on we go...

Another day of drama at my job...we are allowed many benefits including sick days. Many take Friday's again yesterday was a bit nutty. I had evacuation drills at one of the junior highs & was there most of the day. The temperature was 40 with high wind...made for a chilly day. Thank God for my new Car hart coat! Then I was called back to cover a route that another girl was supposed to do, but was changed as the dispatcher favors her...(she likes to leave early on Fridays to travel 5 hours to see new boyfriend for the weekend) said girl did not check in for pm routes and left on the route before she realized I was to do it...oh well...I got off early and went home to start my weekend.

The schools are between sports right now so I am home a lot now which is good. Normally I am gone at least 4 nights a week plus Saturday. I can bring the "mom/grandma" sanity to my boy filled house. Gets crazy at times with all the boy action but the kids are involved in park district sports that helps channel the energy.

I have taken to walking miles at a time a day to relieve my own my son Tim's dog Tator requires a daily walk as she is a ball of energy herself. She and I both take at least a half hour a day hike around the neighborhood.

Winter sports will be starting soon& my Christmas break Florida trip will be here soon me time to regroup and nest for awhile.

Have a great weekend gang!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

a month of grateful

Kids are here nearly all week now...decisions will be made soon about their permanent residence. If it was up to them it would be here all the time. Up to me...I agree.

So much has happened this past year that my head is spinning...I try to not internalize all the drama. Try to enjoy the kids, my job and my life.

These are crazy times for everybody. Our school district is feeling the pain of the bad economy. Homeless families moving in with other family members ... the kids need to be bused even if they are out of district. I know many of these kids, try and reassure them that they aren't freaks that they aren't different...that things will be ok. Hope that's true.

I am going to go along with the rest of the bloggers this month and focus on being grateful...

Today...I am grateful for our jobs...

Jobs give you a place to feel useful and for me help sustain the rest of the parents did it for I do it for's all about them and the future.

I am grateful for you guys never let me down or feel the downturn of the world you all are always there through think and thin!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

thank God that's over!

Thank God the elections are over! Between the annoying ads and the phone calls a person could be driven to not voting out of frustration. I did vote, this after first walking to my old poling place than realizing the fire station moved to it' s new residence 10 minutes away. Lucky for me my neighbor Mrs. G was on her daily walk she pointed me in the right direction...located at the Village Hall a mere mile away.

Speaking of neighbors ... this old friend dressed to scare on Halloween ... here's Dayton's reaction...

He told me, "that's not real blood Grandma", such a worldly child...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my thoughts...

There are no words to describe what is happening my life. The past month events have caused stress and strain on my world that cannot be described in a journal post. My only thoughts now are that God will triumph in my life and those who try and do evil toward me will fail.

That being said my world is one of driving the school bus on sports trips, evacuation drills, and subbing routes for drivers who feel their job is secure enough to take off for any old reason. I do not mind this as I am always ready for the challenge but I am frustrated to have high paying trips taken away at the whim of my co-workers...

My grandchildren have been at my house nearly the entire week now, (their parents ongoing very bitter divorce is the cause of most of my stress) I am happy as I know they are safe here and being well cared for. They are active in part district sports now... they love having their grandma Rose there to cheer them on. When my work schedule allows I am their number 1 fan!

My wee grandson Kaleb is growing fast. He is now nearly 7 weeks old ... he's a funny guy but still at the stage were only mommy will do.

I feel so blessed to have so much love and care in my life...time goes by so quickly that I refuse to let the unknown hold me down. Life is to be lived.