Monday, June 24, 2013

Spending my time working a couple of days a week...driving the Y kids to a water park sitting in the pool and getting tan....if you call that work! 

Family fun and cleaning closets round out my days.  Hubby's been work way too many hours 6 days a week, but we are keeping are eye on the prize....vacation coming up Thursday!

Friday, June 14, 2013

the weekend

Father's day weekend!   Family fun where most of the kids come home to eat, watch the town's Prairiefest parade and hang out.  The parade goes by our house and over the years gathered a group of friends that we get to hang out and catch up with.

Prairiefest kicks off the summer with bands, carnival rides and a variety of activities,

Liz and I walked to the main area last night saw a few friends and spent some time together.   She is feeling her baby girl kick exciting!

I've been taking 2 trips a week, the YMCA group to the pool...nice chance to earn some cash and relax because of course I go in and cool off or people watch.

Enjoy the weekend friends !

Friday, June 7, 2013

My birthday was perfect ....quiet....much needed.   This past school year was nuts...I worked way too many hours, and deat with way too much drama.  As a sub and trip driver I had a great time, but my coworkers and new bosses made my daily life a big pain.  I spent too much time being angry and annoyed.

I am going to do only 2 field trips with the Y per week this summer and try and stay away.  The new admin have great ideas but they haven't thought through some of them so the end results aren't working.   oh well I'm trying to just be a driver which I LOVE (a supervisor office job is open but no thanks) saves my sanity.

We are working on our house this summer, but most of the job is left to me as my hubby works long hours trucking.  

Our kids still are going through changes just as we all did growing up mostly job and housing.  They'll figure it out, but I wish the other parents would stay out of it sometimes we learn better on our own ;)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's my birthday !   It's raining, I did not bid on any summer work for today so I am holed up in my bedroom watching daytime tv, drinking my fav pumpkin spice coffee. 
I am going relax and enjoy doing NOTHING today!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer break....

Yesterday I took Lilly to the Park district farm, called Blackberry Farm.   Turned out to be free day so we went early to beat the crowds.  She is 2 so she was easy to distract making it easy go from activity to the next.   She probably would just been happy to climb on the rock enclosures  around the flowers.  We were able to see the animals including getting licked by a goat, ride the carousel, ride the train and talk to Robbie the horse who was eating lunch.  They also have big play area area we climbed on that.  We left at 11 just as the masses arrived and enjoyed lunch before returning home to a well deserved nap.  

Saturday, June 1, 2013


School 's out !   Thank you Jesus !   This past at least two months have been trying at best.  With new admin, unprofessional coworkers, new procedures that make no sense, and the normal student management I've done all I can to not blow.

I simply focused on the kids and reminded myself exactly why I love my job....and those little sweeties rewarded me with hugs and thank you bus driver.   I also spent some time in the office helping sub dispatch and really confirmed to myself that I DO love driving that big yellow school bus.

My plans for summer are for field trips and hanging out at home enjoying the home front...the perfect fix for my frazzled brain.