Sunday, February 28, 2010

babies, birthdays and lost teeth

It's slow as far as sports trips at the schools so I've been home at night lately...nice for me as I can spend time with the guys. Jacob lost a tooth. I found out I am going to be a grandma again, this time first time parents Matt and Brandy. And my oldest was 28 yesterday...he had a big party with lots of drinking...the best part him telling is 16 year old stepbrother to drive his mom (my son's step mom) home as she was tipsy and stupid...I laughed as I was sober and smart. Fun times...

Because I am not doing trips I am available to sub routes for absent drivers. This is always an adventure as one never knows what they are up against. Bad route sheets (incorrect, bad directions, or missing stops), naughty kids, or even worse naughty parents. As a matter of fact I wrote a post complaining about clueless mom's and drivers who take off work with a bus full of chewed gum and slime on the floor...but I didn't post it. Better to leave it in the closet...good thing because last week things were just as bad, no actually worse...a kid puked and a mom called the school district on me...the week I was complaining about was just a mom calling about my driving...oh well....soon the spring trips will start and I will on easy street again.

I am sure this winter that is never ending isn't's been cold, snowy and gray for months....springs gotta be around the corner right????

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

After years of saying, "honey, don't get me anything for Valentine's day, our anniversary, blah blah, my birthday," I finally put my foot down and said ENOUGH...we need to start getting gifts again for each other.

The kids are grown and it's time to actually enjoy being just a couple, never had much of that. My husband and I got reacquainted, after years past our high school days in the 70's, in October of 1994. We got married on April 1st 1995, bring together this group. We spent years raising these kids and neglected our own happy events, usually saying "glad your mine, glad we made it, glad we still have us after all these years...and kids!"

For my gift I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers...hubby was made a dinner of filet, scallops, lobster tail and strawberry cheesecake.

Hope you all had a LOVE filled day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oh man! I have wished Drew Brees was my kin since his days when he and my son went to Purdue! Usually I am overloaded with sports around here...normally I find something else to do...BUT tomorrow IT'S SUPER BOWL AND THE SAINTS AND DREW BREES ARE PLAYING!!