Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Christmas was wonderful.   I am super blessed with gran kids !   My children are all doing great.   Here's to an awesome 2013 !

Sunday, November 4, 2012

fall back

Good morning!

Here in Illinois we fell back, I'm enjoying my extra hour by relaxing in my bed.  My husband has to work today so he's already off.  He has a load of some sort that he is taking to Ohio.  The grand sons are here they are downstairs doing homework.

The weather is chilly, but clear so I'll end up walking the kiddo's to the park.  Sometimes I need the walk and fresh air more than they do.  

still the same in my world ... kids, husband and jobs = have a good one  and count your blessings!   some have had it rough right now

Monday, September 24, 2012

I am here!

My gorgeous grand kids!  They are getting so big and multiplying by the half year!  The momma of the little guy 2nd from the right is going to have another baby next April.  Bets on it's a boy as my husband's side only makes boys :)  His ex even took a picture of my Lilly with the rest of the boys, maybe to claim at least one girl.

My girl Liz is getting married October 6, she's the baby of the 8 and I am trusting her judgement as she is only 23. 

This school year has been nuts...very busy with our large district.  We are short drivers, which is odd to me, I love my job.  I am a sub again and love the variety.  This morning I saw my old kindergarten route from way back they are now in 7th grade...I told them I was sad, they are old now!  They laughed, brings me great joy to see those smiles.

More later...

Monday, August 6, 2012

My summer has flown by!   This week starts our training at work.   I am one of the trainers reteaching our drivers on how to do a good evacuation drill.   It weird for me to be in this position.   I remember last year a supervisor called me a senior driver....odd feeling,  I guess after 10 years I guess I've earned the title.

Thursday, baby Tommy is to be induced.   Exciting stuff as the kids are very aware of making sure we are present for his birth.   I will settle for the old fashioned pacing the waiting room for his big arrival.

My husband's still gone a lot for work, which leads me to want be a trip driver again at work.   I made a lot more money, and I need to start putting as much as I can into my retirement.

Management is really trying to curb Over time so we shall see.

I've been trying to post pics but my pad has a glich that won't let me, I'll need to do some investagating....
Family is still full of drama but that's normal for me.

Gonna enjoy the quiet for now....

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have been spending a lot of my summer with family.   We get grand baby number 6 in a couple of weeks.  He will be another boy named Tommy.    Blessed for sure!

Some ex rifts (on both sides) have mellowed with time.   I am firm with my boundaries, but have relaxed my self rightous feelings and decided to adapt the live and let live motto. What the ex's do is their problem the kids/grand kids are what are important.  Much easier to deal with family get togethers.

I will be a trainer for work next week.  Good for me as I chose not to work much this summer, and the money will be nice.   We are able to back to Florida during the new year so I am happy about that.

My daughter is getting married in October so that will be a busy time too.

Busy + family = happy Rose   BUT add some hubby only + me = much happier!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I see bloggers are coming back!  I'm going to try harder too!  I'm fresh from a 12 day vacation to Florida.  Great for both the soul and my marriage.  Our first day back, yesterday was full of little annoying trials but no matter today is a new day.   I have a field trip today to the water park so I should get moving.

I have a busy few months ahead...will update those soon!

Monday, May 21, 2012

wedding weekend

We had wonderful weekend, my hubby and I.  The two oldest are still with us so we rarely are alone.  My husband travels overnight a lot, trucking for work so we cherish our alone weekends when the guys aren't here.  I love the kids, but my marriage is my number 1 priority!

We did take time to go to a wedding of one my son's friends.  We had a good time and ended up sitting with a bunch of special ed teachers.  

Schools over in two weeks and I am only going to sub this summer.    Looking forward to our trip to Florida at the end of June.

I am going to try and keep this thing up to date!

Monday, March 26, 2012

popping in to say hey!

Wow it's been too long....I've been doing what's normal for me...wife, mom, grandma and of course driving the school bus.

Everyone is well, stepson number 4 is having a son this summer with his girl friend. Daughter is getting married in October, we found the dress and it's beautiful!

The kids are growing quick and I adore them...and they love their grandma Roses
My husband spent most of the winter in Iowa, great pay, but he was gone too long, although I was able to visit twice. I'll try and keep in touch miss you all!