Monday, July 27, 2009

With a little help from my sweetheart of husband, some humor, a few tears and hugs we got through the weekend. Meanwhile at the shower, the mom to be has grown up, she is less rough around the edges, more, you know mom-like. I guess baby hormones will do that! My bus driver friend is a wreck, but she too will survive. Her son is a rock and a new graduate from high school he is old enough to be of help to her and her younger daughter.

Mrs H is fading quickly and as others have said, I too will live my little old lady days as I live my life now full of life and spunk! But I will be as supportive as ever to this lady. She deserves all the dignity that can be offered.

Thank you so much for all the kind words. I can always count on my blogger buds to be loving and supportive!

Friday, July 24, 2009

you just never know....

Life is hard to figure out...Mrs H the 95 year old lady I work for on the weekends is tired of life and wants to die. Her family does not want to put her in a Nursing home, because she'd really be unhappy and end up calling them at all hours to get her "out of HERE!". I've explained things to her, how much better it is to be at home where she still has some sort of control, but she's tired of living. But still she's here...

Yesterday I went to work and found out a favorite driver of mine husband had had a heart attack and died straight away at their home. He was also an owner operator of a dump truck as was my husband. A hard life an owner operator always busting butt to make the money to support a truck and a family. He was only 46.

My friend J's daughter is having a baby girl, her shower is Sunday. Imagine my fun buying for a girl, crotchet a pink blanket after so many boys. Before the shower I will attending the wake for my friend's husband.

So many is such a paradox.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dayton's 3 on Tuesday!

Tuesday Dayton will be 3. His daddy got him this cool "dirt bike" I asked him what he wanted and he said " a shotgun"...NOT!

Boys will be boys...but Grandma knows what toys hold up and will be continued to be played with. Mark and I will be looking for some other sort of toy. He really likes the army figures or motorcycles. This kid is his own best friend and left alone he will play by himself until one of his older brothers butts in.

Dayton went through the I HATE YOU stage. I used to just say to him, "ok"...then he'd say "me not hate you, I love you" so I'd say "Dayton I just love you" and he's say, "ok..." gotta love the grand kids! They only stay little for so long. 4 1/2 year old Dakota is way to grown up for baby phrases, even if I ask him to be little. :::sigh::: they grow up too fast!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my grandma Rose

Grandma is holding the uncle Johnny.

My cousins went to NYC to Ellis Island ... they found my grandma's name.... Rozalia Balaban Doseff.

I feel so PROUD!

Grandma Rose was from Czechoslovakia, coming here when she was a young woman. She already had my Aunt with her first husband who had passed away. She must of been married to my grandfather because his name was Doseff...he was always known as "the Gypsy". I spent a lot of time with grandma growing up. She had survived the Great Depression so she was a hoarder who hid money and food around the house. I remember her as being a good Catholic woman.

How many people can say they saw proof of their kin coming through Ellis Island!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

wedding binge 2009

me (in the dress), my son Tim and finance' Kristen...and yes these are ORANGE!

Another wedding...too much drama...the church was about an hour away and ideally the drive should of took an hour, but it took 1 1/2 so I was late. If you know the Illinois tollway system you know that traffic sucks any day of the week let alone during construction, also I blew an I-pass toll as the state moved the toll booth, it's confusing to find the pay lanes. My ex and his wife were at the wedding and started complaining about my 24 year old son whom they allowed to live them rent free. I was so miffed that I had to call my dad while on the ride to the reception. He reminded me that my kid's father will never change ... I felt better took a longer drive, then headed to the reception. Ex and wife were 3 drinks in so they were much more receptive to my very blunt suggestion on how to stop enabling my son. Hope they take my advice or stop complaining to me as their answer to his problems was to give him their debit card until payday!!!! DUMB!

HA! being one of the sober ones at an open bar reception has it's benefits!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Phillip Park /zoo fun


I took the boys to a nearby park that offers a small zoo and a very large area filled with climbing equipment...all for a tram that goes around the park. It rained but we still had a great time.

Dayton's favorite saying is "see ya later alligator"...he got to see one of those too.

Friday, July 3, 2009

crashing grandson

After raising 8 kids, 7 of which are boys, and many other assorted children I have took charge over all these years I should be used to injuries, but I am not. Kids play, they take chances, they fall down, go boom.

Yesterday Jeremy needed to go shopping so I took the three guys to the park. First I had to scare off all the big kids off the swings. A couple of the girls road my bus in the past and the boys they were hanging with are much older and much more troubled. These two girls are good so far, but with too many days of hanging out with this group I can't say what will happen. An older couple sorta looked freaked when they saw this group, but not me. I told them I knew they're leader (who also road my bus) named Rose and I was in. They got off the swings and let the little kids play.

Near the time to go home Jacob started chasing Dakota and of course Dakota fell right on his big old head. He got a scratched nose, head and a wee little dot of blood on the tip of his nose. We looked at the injuries in a nice ladies car mirror, decided they
were awful and then trudged the 5 blocks home. Dakota really wasn't bleeding just lots of tears and snot. Jacob was too worried about his loose tooth to care and well Dayton, he's just Dayton lost in his nearly 3 year old world, I only had to tell him once to stop walking through people's flower beds. After carrying crying Dakota home and assuring him his head would fine we made it back just in time for their daddy. He was fine, but not happy they were chasing each other....he should remember he was once the oldest of 5 boys and give them a break.

All night I had visions of the kid having a concussion, but a call this morning assured me the lad was fine. Off being the daredevil he was born to be!