Monday, August 6, 2012

My summer has flown by!   This week starts our training at work.   I am one of the trainers reteaching our drivers on how to do a good evacuation drill.   It weird for me to be in this position.   I remember last year a supervisor called me a senior driver....odd feeling,  I guess after 10 years I guess I've earned the title.

Thursday, baby Tommy is to be induced.   Exciting stuff as the kids are very aware of making sure we are present for his birth.   I will settle for the old fashioned pacing the waiting room for his big arrival.

My husband's still gone a lot for work, which leads me to want be a trip driver again at work.   I made a lot more money, and I need to start putting as much as I can into my retirement.

Management is really trying to curb Over time so we shall see.

I've been trying to post pics but my pad has a glich that won't let me, I'll need to do some investagating....
Family is still full of drama but that's normal for me.

Gonna enjoy the quiet for now....