Monday, September 24, 2012

I am here!

My gorgeous grand kids!  They are getting so big and multiplying by the half year!  The momma of the little guy 2nd from the right is going to have another baby next April.  Bets on it's a boy as my husband's side only makes boys :)  His ex even took a picture of my Lilly with the rest of the boys, maybe to claim at least one girl.

My girl Liz is getting married October 6, she's the baby of the 8 and I am trusting her judgement as she is only 23. 

This school year has been nuts...very busy with our large district.  We are short drivers, which is odd to me, I love my job.  I am a sub again and love the variety.  This morning I saw my old kindergarten route from way back they are now in 7th grade...I told them I was sad, they are old now!  They laughed, brings me great joy to see those smiles.

More later...