Friday, January 30, 2009

gotta love Illinois...

This happy guy is thumbs up to the new signs over our tollway...covering up the name of our shameful old governor...

Also we are so proud of area citizens...Drew Peterson...

Thank God his new girl friend dumped him...

He was on Night line telling his love story to the world she freaked out called the cops and left him....our Governor went to New York to spill his guts on the View, Larry King and Good Morning America. Nothing like spreading the shame all over the US of A.

The weather alone should be enough to give me a clue that Illinois is becoming a cesspool of slime.

But it's home and like everything else this too shall pass.

My stepsons lost their grandfather. Jeremy was very close to Walt. His wife Helen died this past summer. They both were always kind to me and Mark. Always shaking their heads at their daughter's behavior (Mark's ex) and the fact that she will never be happy or satisfied.

I feel bad for my stepsons. They loved Walt.

Mrs H told Julie my friend who also cares for her that she really wants to die and to prove it she's going to stop eating. Bet if I came in with some Long Johns (not Chocolate) or a baked cheesy potato from Wendy's she'd eat.

Or not....she's old, she's 95, bedridden and ready to go...

My grandsons have been looking for Grandma Roses...they will be overnight tomorrow evening...

Thank God I could use some young spirits to renew me!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

let's be careful out there...

Two injured at Oswego wall collapse

January 29, 2009

Two people were hospitalized when the wall of the still-under-construction Oswego Fire Station on Woolley Road collapsed Thursday afternoon.

The brick wall fell just before 2 p.m. Thursday. The workers were temporarily trapped and were taken to a local hospital with non life-threatening, officials said.

The construction site is south of the Oswego High School, off Plainfield Road.

This article explains an accident that happened today at the site of our new Fire Station. The future station has huge metal bars reaching up to the sky probably 3 stories. On my way back to work I heard the police, fire chief, at least 2 fire trucks and a couple ambulance. They all screamed by me. This fire station is located across the street and parking lot from one of the junior highs. We all parked and gasped in fear as we saw one of those large groups of structures leaning ninety degrees in the wind. It's very wide. We all feared the worse thinking someone had fallen off these things. Even the most reliable students told us that they had heard a guy fell on his back. My naughty guy told me he saw it, (that's crap the site is at least 500 yards away) and that the guy was probably dead. Thank God nothing horrible happened to these two poor guys.

The wind also made driving fun for the citizens of O-town. The wind blew the feet of snow across roadways making for a whole bunch of folk's auto's landing face first into a big drifts or each other.

Thank God I have a town route. My first year of driving I was out in the country. That experience made a man outa me!

Oh yeah our Governor got fired today!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

mrs h filled weekend...

Mrs H's live in help took a couple of days off. Her replacement...well let's just say this woman must not work with many stubborn, old, "I still have my brain" & I pay you people" types... she would not stop threatening to leave...and she's from an agency.

Rose to the rescue, because I was always taught to respect my elders and my boss I offered to check in on Mrs H and her live in twice today. These on top of my regular hours. I am going back this evening to make sure her pillows are just the right height and all her pads are in place...

Someday I'll be old...and I believe in Karma...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

back to reality...

Back to least it's 30 I wish spring would come and these little tikes would blow off some steam outside inside of on the bus...

Liz is all enrolled for junior college this coming semester. She is taking two online courses along with 2 other classes, which really helps with her work schedule. I took no loans for this and while she is helping it's not cheap. Just part of life. Thank God she is the last one and is in love with the state school in De Kalb. She'll be transferring there next year. Cheaper than the big school her brother went to. It was the scene of the shooting last Valentines. I am not nervous about her going. We have already had one lock down at one of our local high schools, somebody found a bullet outside. You just never know though. Nothing in life is certain. Gotta live for today.

Forgive Me

Monday, January 19, 2009


another day off...I've been off lately longer than I've worked!! It's a school holiday though & hubby's home so we are going to spend it together.

Going to lunch and enjoy the sun...

Hope all is well with everyone else.

I hope after Tuesday...our country comes together & and once again becomes the strong, united country our ancestries would be PROUD of!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Hubby's out trucking. Liz is out, the stepsons next door are hibernating and have kept the babies in.

Leaves time for me to sip tea, and ponder...

Now that we have all settled in here at blog ville, I have noticed that I have met many new people. I lost a few during the switch, found some old friends, and picked up new ones. Some have had changes in their lives, made me think about my own life, my first journal entry was the summer of 2004.

Have I changed since those days?? Seem most days I feel like all I do is bitch about kids, mine and everybody else's, or drivers, or my job, or my husband or morons, or the weather!!!

My first entries were about my fears, I was deathly afraid of being broke and not being able to pay my bills, or homeless, or jobless, or worse, my husband's ex was going to steal the kid's love, or worse them from me! My kids were all going to be saints and go far in life ... none of these boogie men have found me these past 4 and 1/2 years. We both have jobs, two each, my bills get paid eventually and I still have a roof over my head, I've made deals with mortgage companies, the utilities, the credit card companies, the ex is getting old and is too tired most days to even have the kids more than a few hours, the kids are getting older, making mistakes and learning, hubby's kids are not criminals and mine are no where near saints. They are all like us, growing up in a weird weird time.

For 2009 I decided to let my kids go...let them grow up and make mistakes just like I them, care for them...but quit worrying so much about how they turn out. It's not my job...

My faith is my mom job, it's not my job to worry so much about what happens to me, worry only wastes time, precious time that some day I will look back and wish I had worried less...

In years past I felt I did not need friends, I did not maintain my friendships. Today I have friends, we go out to lunch, we hang out, we cry together, we laugh, we pray, we hold each other up in these days of lay offs, sickness and death.

I have changed...I am not that same Rose...

My husband asked me if we would still like each other after the last kid left, I quickly said, "YES!"

This Rose is sure of that!

5 day weekend....

-26 temperatures...of course school is closed again...we have Monday off for Martin Luther King Day. Yesterday I did sleep in, but did make myself useful. I dusted and put away some Christmas stuff...yes horrors I am one who has Santa still hanging around my living room.

A girl I work with who lives across the street asked me when I was going to take down my outside lights, I replied, "March". She laughed. With all the snow they look pretty and I like to hang on to all the pretty I can.

We all joined a fitness center, it's inexpensive for a family and with a wedding next fall the family could use some firming. Even the future bride and groom belong. I like to keep moving in the winter, keeps the brain from freaking out.

A warm up is in the future so our news stations can concentrate on something other than the dang weather...

me too!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

no school

It's -14 and -33 with the wind chill!

My district can be very very stubborn when it comes to closing the school!

BUT they had sense today!

Back to my nice warm bed!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


-4...yes that's the temperature right now. with the wind chill -13. I hate to say this but I am getting used to the cold. Must be the hot flashes...they do come in handy in times like these. Freezing temperatures are nothing new for Illinois, it's just that the damn snow and cold came so early this around November. Wonder if it'll end early like say February??!!

Otherwise we are all in a routine here, Mark's working nights, Liz is back to working nearly everyday and will be going back to school at the end of the month. My son is getting married next November and he and Kristen are very very organized concerning this BIG event. Dresses are already ordered, rooms reserved for the hotel reception, no minister yet but they'll have that. I appreciate organized people, I tend to be a last minute procrastinator. They have the church reserved, same place an ex American Idol girl got married at last new year's eve.

My school kids are getting winter antsy and the little snots started lipping off about me being late this was horrible today. Me being the ever present shiny ray of sunshine saw no humor in being sassed by a 10 year old, let alone a couple of them. I quickly let them know who was in charge and they calmed down. Only one little 1st grader decided to share his knowledge of curse words with a 3rd grader misbehaved on the way home. I am sure he's trying to act more worldly then his years, but he and I will have a chat tomorrow.

The forecast for next week is mid 30's ... ahhhhh a heat wave!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am still alive

I am still alive...the past week or so has been one of slipping, sliding, shoveling and freezing. Next week on tap is below way too cold wind chills.

This time of year is the worst, but not much to do but carry on.

I remember winters in the 1980's that had wind chills of -60. Cars froze and would not start, it was a battle to keep your home warm. Hopefully this cold snap won't last too long.

The winter always makes me feel a little blue. Popping some B vitamins is helping. The family joined the fitness center and a few miles on the treadmill deals with me and my wandering mind.

Oh and candy cane Hersey's kisses they are my best friend...

My stepson left, finally, he's back with the enablers who have helped him stay immature, jobless, broke and stupid.

So I am down to one kid...weird....I wonder how long that will last??!!

I'll be wandering around to a blog near you soon...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

If what you do on New Years is what you do all year...???

Trucking with hubby...while texting Happy new year messages to my kids...

Starting the cold car of my 20 year old who has to work on the first day of the new year...and the heater works and the doors are froze

Helping a ninety five year old Mrs H change her ancient roller calendar from December to January...and not being the one who BROKE IT!

Playing hide seek with one 2 year old, laughing with a 5 year old and spreading the love to a 4 year old explaining his visit to the doctor to take a picture of his chest...pneumonia sucks...

Saying I love you all the ones that love me back

then... 2009 's gonna be great!