Thursday, January 29, 2009

let's be careful out there...

Two injured at Oswego wall collapse

January 29, 2009

Two people were hospitalized when the wall of the still-under-construction Oswego Fire Station on Woolley Road collapsed Thursday afternoon.

The brick wall fell just before 2 p.m. Thursday. The workers were temporarily trapped and were taken to a local hospital with non life-threatening, officials said.

The construction site is south of the Oswego High School, off Plainfield Road.

This article explains an accident that happened today at the site of our new Fire Station. The future station has huge metal bars reaching up to the sky probably 3 stories. On my way back to work I heard the police, fire chief, at least 2 fire trucks and a couple ambulance. They all screamed by me. This fire station is located across the street and parking lot from one of the junior highs. We all parked and gasped in fear as we saw one of those large groups of structures leaning ninety degrees in the wind. It's very wide. We all feared the worse thinking someone had fallen off these things. Even the most reliable students told us that they had heard a guy fell on his back. My naughty guy told me he saw it, (that's crap the site is at least 500 yards away) and that the guy was probably dead. Thank God nothing horrible happened to these two poor guys.

The wind also made driving fun for the citizens of O-town. The wind blew the feet of snow across roadways making for a whole bunch of folk's auto's landing face first into a big drifts or each other.

Thank God I have a town route. My first year of driving I was out in the country. That experience made a man outa me!

Oh yeah our Governor got fired today!!


lisa jo said...

our city govt took off duty school bus drivers who do not even work for the city and had them use snow plows for the ice and snow diaster we are living thru to just try and keep up with this mess. I bet those school bus drivers got paid well...the regular drivers were already pulling 12-14 hr shifts. Their still out..schools closed all week here.
I am sorry to hear of that wall collasping! Sounds scary!

Indigo said...

Your gov. needed to get fired *winks*...Glad the two men survived the wall falling. Stay safe this weekend. (Hugs)Indigo

Remo said...

I was working some OT today and it was so warm I think I cooked up the first batch of ass-gravy of the 2009.

Alert the media.

Scary stuffabout the wall collapse. Hope all is well.

Lisa said...

LOL driving in the country... yes it's really bakc woodsy driving out here too... there is no birm on the side of our curvy roads here in KY. LOL that governor being gone... so glad to hear that news. I think news of his antics reached all the way to where we are too. So sorry to hear about the wall falling and glad to hear the workers were saved.