Wednesday, January 14, 2009


-4...yes that's the temperature right now. with the wind chill -13. I hate to say this but I am getting used to the cold. Must be the hot flashes...they do come in handy in times like these. Freezing temperatures are nothing new for Illinois, it's just that the damn snow and cold came so early this around November. Wonder if it'll end early like say February??!!

Otherwise we are all in a routine here, Mark's working nights, Liz is back to working nearly everyday and will be going back to school at the end of the month. My son is getting married next November and he and Kristen are very very organized concerning this BIG event. Dresses are already ordered, rooms reserved for the hotel reception, no minister yet but they'll have that. I appreciate organized people, I tend to be a last minute procrastinator. They have the church reserved, same place an ex American Idol girl got married at last new year's eve.

My school kids are getting winter antsy and the little snots started lipping off about me being late this was horrible today. Me being the ever present shiny ray of sunshine saw no humor in being sassed by a 10 year old, let alone a couple of them. I quickly let them know who was in charge and they calmed down. Only one little 1st grader decided to share his knowledge of curse words with a 3rd grader misbehaved on the way home. I am sure he's trying to act more worldly then his years, but he and I will have a chat tomorrow.

The forecast for next week is mid 30's ... ahhhhh a heat wave!


Lisa said...

Rose, hope you get some warmer weather soon, Love Lisa XO

lisa jo said...

OH MY...are you one of those happy happy person i am the total opposite!!
I hate winter. I hate this weather. It is just about doing me in. I do love to hear about the kiddies on your bus. XOXO

Kathy said...

Oh, my God, Rose! I can't imagine trying to survive driving in that weather. I have to hand it to you. Glad school was cancelled today. Maybe if this goes on much longer, you can escape to So. Calif. It's in the 80's here. Come! Thaw out!

Hugs, Kathy