Saturday, March 27, 2010

isn't it about time...??

Isn't it about time for SPRING?? The grass is finally green here, but no buds on the trees and it's gray and cold. My tulips are trying to come up...these are what's left of my sun garden. When my stepsons moved in last fall the village put in new sidewalks so the "guys" decided to pour a new sidewalk going to our house. The neighbor who did it for cheap pulled his concrete truck over my garden. Now I have tulips, grass and a rut.

Usually by now I've raked all the leaves off my front yard which is a hosta garden. The dirt that Jim moved there years ago is settling so I need more dirt. I'll add that to my long list of stuff that needs to be done...along with the house being painted (it's half done, weather halted the job in October), the porch needs to be torn off the house and there a number of things I'd like done this spring/summer, but what I want and what the men want...well...we shall see who wins.

The thing with an old house there's always something to do...not this week though. I usually spring clean, but with my surgery I have a good excuse to sit around and do very little.

I did manage lunch with some week we have a short week for Good Friday (disguised as parent/teacher conferences) and my anniversary is Thursday....a great excuse for my husband and I to leave town. I picked that's where we are going, great city, zoo and plenty to do...see I do get my way!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Doctor's office called on Wednesday and said my biopsy was negative. Great news!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My surgery went very smooth. This wasn't my first so being experienced I was ready for a long day...but it wasn't . We got to the hospital at 7 am and I was home in bed by 11. They even had to do an ultrasound to find my cyst and mark it with a wire which took 4 tries by the tech...thankfully the Valium they gave me kept me from punching the guy with my free arm...wire being poked into skin ... OUCH!

I am sore and lopsided from the swelling, but being well taken care of by my husband who waited on me all day and little Cody kept me company.

Going to rest again today .... may as well take advantage of all the time off I can!

Next month at work is going to be nuts with spring sports and bus evacs...

Monday, March 22, 2010

spring break

First day of spring break, my plan is to hang out at home. I do have a sports trip (softball) this afternoon, so I am not staying totally true to my plan. I could never not work extra. I am having a biopsy surgery tomorrow, nothing big, but necessary...this will force me to lay low. Next month promises to be super busy at work, evacs and spring sports should help pad my bank account for the upcoming summer break. Hubby's work is steady so this is a great thing for us. I am so used to seasonal work from him and always catching up. We are doing well now, which I am oh so grateful.

Hopefully soon my two stepsons will be back to work. I am used to having them here along with the grand kids but too much togetherness gets annoying. Especially after a long winter indoors.

I've been on ebay bidding on books for the grand sons, much cheaper and I need to invest in my future...

I should be around here more this week and will update again soon.