Thursday, April 30, 2009

swine flu

The swine flu has come to O-town. Got the call that 3 of our schools are closed tomorrow. There are possible swine flu cases in each of those schools. One is my grade school, which I am there 3 times a day and I did their evacuation drill on Monday...nice...

Thank God I sanitized the whole bus on Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nothing new, just work work work

Not much new, mostly work, work and more work. It's bus evacuation drill time again so my days are now full with not too many breaks. School is out June 5Th so it's getting close. My plan is to bid on a summer route that does not start until the end of June. So I will get a break. Much needed. It's been a long winter...we are just now getting weather that does not require the wearing of a winter coat, scratch that I've worn a winter coat all this week...we had plenty of rain, and last week a couple of days in the 70's...the flowers/flowering trees are gorgeous...makes the cold easier to take.

Mrs H is still kicking, not literally but she's still fine. The old girl is still as opinionated as ever. She won't live forever so I just humor her, and myself.

I have at least 3 weddings to attended this coming summer, two on the same weekend...thankfully on two different days. Mark has a reunion over father's day weekend...maybe all the girls who used to think he was hot will show...we shall see what they think of him now...:)

The families fine, so all is well in my world. Just hanging on to the hope of more warm weather...I am SO ready!

Friday, April 10, 2009

children's museum fun....

Yesterday I took all three of the boys to the Du Page Children Museum. Jacob and Dakota have been twice and both remember the place. Last year Dakota got into a fight with a girl in this car. He was looking for this year...she was one of the few kids
not the place was packed because it was school holiday...and she's not the blond in the back seat...Dakota likes blonds...

This water table is huge and so much fun. I brought an extra tee shirt for Dayton who would not wear a smock. I ended up spraying Dakota instead. Soaking him from head to toe....thankfully the Spiderman shirt fit....

They had a wood working area that allowed kids to use real saws. A big hit with all three...

I hear the place is having financial problems as it is very expensive to maintain. I hope the funding is a yearly event for us and we could spend all day there.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

three day weekend

Another day off, and a three day weekend. We had two 5 hour days, which is more work for me as they just cram in whole day into 5 hours. At least I was out by 2:30.

The kids are finally here over night and I actually have some extra money and don't have to work for Mrs H until Saturday morning. Tomorrow our plan is to go to a hands on children s museum which has become a tradition in the spring. Jacob is old enough to remember the place and all three are responsible enough to easily be managed by me alone.

The boys are much easier now and so much more grown up. They actually mind me better and of course still adore me. Except for Dayton who was "mad at me" for not putting the Lion movie on. He was referring to Narina which was on TV the last two times they were here. He insisted on sleeping in his (my) bed and there he sleeps.

We moved the futon upstairs into the room Jim vacated and they have a TV for videos and with a few odds and ends added they will have a space of their own. I have a feeling when they get older and more opinionated they will spend as much time here as mine did at my own parents.

Being Grandma Roses is the BEST!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anniversary ....

Yesterday, was my anniversary. 14 years. After many years of doing without any gifts, hubby surprised me with this sweet smelling bouquet. With the kids grown it's nice to nearly be alone. Liz will be moving to De Kalb in a few months. Wow the empty nest is nice...