Wednesday, April 29, 2009

nothing new, just work work work

Not much new, mostly work, work and more work. It's bus evacuation drill time again so my days are now full with not too many breaks. School is out June 5Th so it's getting close. My plan is to bid on a summer route that does not start until the end of June. So I will get a break. Much needed. It's been a long winter...we are just now getting weather that does not require the wearing of a winter coat, scratch that I've worn a winter coat all this week...we had plenty of rain, and last week a couple of days in the 70's...the flowers/flowering trees are gorgeous...makes the cold easier to take.

Mrs H is still kicking, not literally but she's still fine. The old girl is still as opinionated as ever. She won't live forever so I just humor her, and myself.

I have at least 3 weddings to attended this coming summer, two on the same weekend...thankfully on two different days. Mark has a reunion over father's day weekend...maybe all the girls who used to think he was hot will show...we shall see what they think of him now...:)

The families fine, so all is well in my world. Just hanging on to the hope of more warm weather...I am SO ready!


Anonymous said...

I know Mrs. H must be deteriorating in some ways, but I am glad she is as feisty as ever. From things you've told me of the 2of you, I believe there is a gentle beauty to your love for her.

I hope you get the end of June route, and with it your break.......~Mary

Paula said...

Hope you get the route you want. I'm sure you do need a break. Mrs. H. is lucky to have you but I bet she doesn't realize it. It nice of you to humor her and maybe someone will be nice to you when you are older.

Des's big daddy said...

Yes, some warm weather would be nice. It would also be nice if said weather was dry as well.