Thursday, April 9, 2009

three day weekend

Another day off, and a three day weekend. We had two 5 hour days, which is more work for me as they just cram in whole day into 5 hours. At least I was out by 2:30.

The kids are finally here over night and I actually have some extra money and don't have to work for Mrs H until Saturday morning. Tomorrow our plan is to go to a hands on children s museum which has become a tradition in the spring. Jacob is old enough to remember the place and all three are responsible enough to easily be managed by me alone.

The boys are much easier now and so much more grown up. They actually mind me better and of course still adore me. Except for Dayton who was "mad at me" for not putting the Lion movie on. He was referring to Narina which was on TV the last two times they were here. He insisted on sleeping in his (my) bed and there he sleeps.

We moved the futon upstairs into the room Jim vacated and they have a TV for videos and with a few odds and ends added they will have a space of their own. I have a feeling when they get older and more opinionated they will spend as much time here as mine did at my own parents.

Being Grandma Roses is the BEST!

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Martha said...

Have fun this weekend Grandma Rose :-)