Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vacation has been so relaxing.  Been a rough couple of years.  Mark has been dealing with a work related knee injury for 2 years.  2 years and 2 surgeries later he's doing excellent.

We have 10 grandkids now.  They are my heart and soul.  Jim our 2nd son got married this past May.   Carrie is a sweetheart.

I am still driving a school bus it will be my 15 year.  I feel pretty blessed love my job and it's fun.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Good evening from gorgeous Florida!  I turned 60 this month and realized my memory is lacking.  I feel like forget so much at each passing month. I am going to commit to journaling again!

We go to Florida to see my dad and step mom at least twice a year.  We are here now weather is great and we are enjoying the peace and quiet.

This year has been very stressful.  My husband Mark had a 2nd knee surgery.  Work related first surgery wasn't done right.  So much is going on right now I am feeling it.  Big family many concerns.   But that is life so I live it.