Thursday, January 15, 2009

no school

It's -14 and -33 with the wind chill!

My district can be very very stubborn when it comes to closing the school!

BUT they had sense today!

Back to my nice warm bed!!!


madison said...

I've been telling the boys to check the news to see if school is closed before they watch for the bus every morning. These wind chills are below zero lately. I'm waiting for them to have another day off because of it.

lisa jo said...

2 HR delay here.....4 inches of snow yesterday......10 below zero when i leave for work tonight....will feel like 23 below zero. TOTAL BULLSHIT WEATHER..TOTALLY NOT NECCASARY.
Goodness. i hate winter.
i pray you are warm...and get to stay in. I LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

All we had was some dusting here, which is gone from the road already, but last night when it was even mentioned it might snow....people went crazy. I stopped at a food store to get an elderly neighbor milk and oranges and the place was packed with people, all overflowing carriages. I think we fear being without food too much. Many of us could use a few lighter eating days!
Glad you are in your cosy bed.

Indigo said...

And here I thought being in the single digits was bad. I'm content to stay inside next to a roaring fire. (Hugs)Indigo