Monday, July 13, 2009

wedding binge 2009

me (in the dress), my son Tim and finance' Kristen...and yes these are ORANGE!

Another wedding...too much drama...the church was about an hour away and ideally the drive should of took an hour, but it took 1 1/2 so I was late. If you know the Illinois tollway system you know that traffic sucks any day of the week let alone during construction, also I blew an I-pass toll as the state moved the toll booth, it's confusing to find the pay lanes. My ex and his wife were at the wedding and started complaining about my 24 year old son whom they allowed to live them rent free. I was so miffed that I had to call my dad while on the ride to the reception. He reminded me that my kid's father will never change ... I felt better took a longer drive, then headed to the reception. Ex and wife were 3 drinks in so they were much more receptive to my very blunt suggestion on how to stop enabling my son. Hope they take my advice or stop complaining to me as their answer to his problems was to give him their debit card until payday!!!! DUMB!

HA! being one of the sober ones at an open bar reception has it's benefits!


Paula said...

I know the feeling of exes. John has three but I only have to deal with one and thats quite enough. The picture is pretty.

Lisa said...

that orange was BRIGHT to try and read. You look amazingly beautiful in that wedding pic....Tim is gorgeous....sorry that wedding sucked....thank God you are rid of the ex, huh? I have a feeling he may never change.