Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my grandma Rose

Grandma is holding the baby...my uncle Johnny.

My cousins went to NYC to Ellis Island ... they found my grandma's name.... Rozalia Balaban Doseff.

I feel so PROUD!

Grandma Rose was from Czechoslovakia, coming here when she was a young woman. She already had my Aunt with her first husband who had passed away. She must of been married to my grandfather because his name was Doseff...he was always known as "the Gypsy". I spent a lot of time with grandma growing up. She had survived the Great Depression so she was a hoarder who hid money and food around the house. I remember her as being a good Catholic woman.

How many people can say they saw proof of their kin coming through Ellis Island!!


Martha said...

I have never seen proof but I would love to go and see if I can find my ancestors names there someday!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

a corgi said...

thanks for commenting on my blog; it should be a fun trip for Koda visiting Martha

what a wonderful tribute to your grandmother; and to see her name on Ellis Island. I wonder if all the immigrants names are there somewhere? my dad and maternal grandparents might have come through there since they all emigrated from Poland.

she sounded like a good lady too!

hope you are having a good day


Martha said...

Love the new look over here, especially the header photo :-)

Lisa said...

love that family pic...so so so so glad you had such a wonderful grandma!! I do not know anyone who had a grand parent go thru Ellis Island. XOXOX