Monday, July 27, 2009

With a little help from my sweetheart of husband, some humor, a few tears and hugs we got through the weekend. Meanwhile at the shower, the mom to be has grown up, she is less rough around the edges, more, you know mom-like. I guess baby hormones will do that! My bus driver friend is a wreck, but she too will survive. Her son is a rock and a new graduate from high school he is old enough to be of help to her and her younger daughter.

Mrs H is fading quickly and as others have said, I too will live my little old lady days as I live my life now full of life and spunk! But I will be as supportive as ever to this lady. She deserves all the dignity that can be offered.

Thank you so much for all the kind words. I can always count on my blogger buds to be loving and supportive!


roberta said...


Anonymous said...

I know it does get to a point(as per Mrs H) when the decline is so hypervisible. There will be dignity even in your grief for her in the end because you always treated her with such dignity in life.

Martha said...

I will say another prayer for Mrs H. As your motto goes Rose, everything is going to be all right - one way or another - *Hugs*

Paula said...

Bless Mrs. H's heart and bless your's for having patience with her.