Sunday, August 9, 2009


Lots of changes are going on here, again...mostly my husband's job, again. But as always we will survive, we always do. It's just aggravating how it came about...truck drivers are supposed to be recession proof right? His layoff is for the best...first the construction job then the mail job. The route at night in the winter is dangerous and I was getting weary of going to events with out him.

He will get another job, we have a cushion money wise and we have survived worse. My job is secure for 3 years, we got a good contract, I am fortunate. My seniority will afford me the pick of lots of extra work. I still have my job with Mrs. H.

We are both looking at the little things once again, each other...the kids, we spent the evening with the grandsons at the fireworks...I am blessed.
One door closes...another opens. Husband already has two leads on two jobs...once again Everything will be all right!


Indigo said...

Sorry to hear about the husband's job loss. Paul's been stressing out as he was displaced. Still has a job just a different school in the same district. I keep reminding him to be grateful for th job no matter where it ends up being. (Hugs)Indigo

Paula said...

You always have a level head on your shoulders Rose. I'm sure you and hubby will be fine. Pretty new blog decorations.

Martha said...

I know you guys will be fine - you are one strong woman and know what really matters in life. I've always admired that about you Rose.

Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

Barb said...

I know you, hon. You are like me, have lots of faith and that is what will see you through. So proud of you, Rose, so happy I am back. I'm not caught up yet, will take some time. Praying for you every day. Big hugs,
Barb Pinion