Monday, March 26, 2012

popping in to say hey!

Wow it's been too long....I've been doing what's normal for me...wife, mom, grandma and of course driving the school bus.

Everyone is well, stepson number 4 is having a son this summer with his girl friend. Daughter is getting married in October, we found the dress and it's beautiful!

The kids are growing quick and I adore them...and they love their grandma Roses
My husband spent most of the winter in Iowa, great pay, but he was gone too long, although I was able to visit twice. I'll try and keep in touch miss you all!


Martha said...

The kids sure do grow up fast don't they? I was wondering if you were still driving the school bus. Glad to hear that you are, those kids would sure miss you. Hope to see you for the A-Z challenge! :)

ADB said...

Nice to see you posting again, Rose