Monday, November 3, 2008


The group today for Evacs was not the most cooperative. The little ones (kindergarten) usually sit and stare at you. Some obnoxious ones raise their hands, which I them a question is a long story about how their dog ran across the street during a storm, dodging Mr happy neighbor's car by an inch. No thanks, my motto is tell them two things you want to them to remember; stay in your seat and be nice to your neighbor... and get them off the bus. The little kids need help jumping off the back off the bus, out the emergency door. My challenge? Some of these kids are bigger than I am!

One group of four graders would not shut up, they kept making remarks to each other. At the end I made the comment to the teacher that they weren't very well behaved. Her excuse? They've had a lot of subs...and she was one them of course. Poor woman looked like she had just swallowed a hand full of Valium. She'd need it!

Me? After a few bad years of very bad routes, evacs are a breeze. After all I don't have to drive them home!


Martha said...

You should see the high school evacs ::rolling eyes:: All I can say is thank God I work in the office! LOL! :-)

lisa jo said...

You always have such a positive outlook on it all. XO

Kathy said...

I have to hand it to you! You are so patient with those kids. They are blessed to have you.

CONGRATS on your son's engagement. How exciting! They look like a great couple. Isn't it wonderful when your child decides to marry someone you can love and embrace? I was lucky like that twice. VERY blessed.

Hugs, Kathy

Janie said...

Had a teacher tell me one time that 4th graders were hard to handle?? I was really surprised. Bet you are always glad to get home. lol Have a great week. Janie