Friday, November 14, 2008

more tales from bus 60...

I really should resurrect my bus journal...some of the things that happen on my bus could fill a book.

This school year I picked my grandson's route, which is a high school route (nice neighborhood, good kids with parents that PARENT), a junior route that I only drive them home, only 15 kids but three of them are step siblings and they can be defiant, and a very obedient grade school route with over 50 kids on that route. Many years I am "asked" to step in with routes that have kids that are either in trouble with the law or are headed that way. This year I designed my day to avoid that at all costs. My midday is all kindergartners no early learning center with a monitor. I wanted my year to be peaceful and my job to be my happy place. I must of know my own adult family would be nuts and my home sometimes not so peaceful.

Anyway, grandson moved away with mom for the divorce, but I kept the route. Most days are fine, today must of been a full moon...because my pm went like this.

A near fight between two girls, one who is on my route another who wanted to ride home with another girl, I kicked the girl off who is not on my route list. Junior high route, one boy is mad at me because of a write up, he is letting me know this by his stomping down the aisle and sister is making snide remarks. Big deal I've raised boys, they'll both outgrow this stupidity. Besides I have a brand new camera on my bus to document it all.

Grade school route is fine as always...but give them time they haven't hit puberty, yet!

At least it's Friday!


Martha said...

TGIF!!! SO glad you are accepting the Weekend Blogathon Challenge - What's wrong with us lately? LOL!

Martha said...

PS - I forgot to mention, it was a full moon!!!

Insolent Muffin said...

I came over here from the Weekend Blogathon, and I have to say, I love that you're blogging about your job as a bus driver! I take a city bus to school every day, and I always wonder about the life of the person in the driver's seat. I'm really impressed that you can handle troublesome kids so well - I can't imagine what kinds of crazy things you must see from day to day!

Insolent Muffin said...

Wow, I must have gotten my challenges mixed up in my post - you don't have to sit at your computer for five whole hours for the weekend blogathon, that's for a different writing challenge I'm doing where I'm trying to finish writing a novel in a month. Sorry if I confused you!

But you have to admit, blogging for five hours could sure be a lot of fun, couldn't it? Or maybe you should join me and start writing a novel about your bus adventures! :)

Carlene Noggle said...


Janie said...

hehe I think it is a full moon... looked that way this evening. lol They do seem to grow up. lol Have a nice weekend. Janie

Melissa said...


Just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to leave such an encouraging message on my journal today. It was such a bright spot in my day! Bless you.

And good luck with the kids. I don't know how you wonderful people do it! May the force be with you!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh, I can just imagine the stories you can tell from driving a school bus! I know that, having been involved for YEARS with the kids...straight thru to high school now....that I could write a novel myself!!!! I always love reading your stories....not only are they amusing, but you can tell how much you really care for the kids!!


PS...Blogathan? I must have missed that one. However, it will be good to see alot of posting this weekend. "BlogLand" seems alot more quiet than JLand!

Lisa said...

I might have become a teacher by now if I was not so afraid that all the elementary jobs would be filled before I graduate. I love hearing about how the kids behave or do not behave I should say.... LOL wanna come over and write up my teen after the last bus stop? LOL