Sunday, November 30, 2008

1 month!! of posts, well almost!

I am one day shy of making 30 posts in 30 days. Pretty good, since I used to show up at AOL journals once a week ;0

Actually my computer helps, the old one was such a relic that it took forever to boot up and the processor was very very slow. Much easier on the new-er Dell. Plus I enjoy this place, it's fun.

The boys and I had a fun time last evening. They love the attention and I love giving it out.

Now hubby is next door with his sons play Wii or however you spell it. Actually that game system is pretty cool, just the thing for the modern working type, too lazy to go outside for entertainment or if you have Wii workout you can exercise indoors. cough cough. I rather like being in the world walking around, but whatever works, call me old fashion. I know it is really fun for all, so I'll stop being a brat.

Last night I was telling the kids about the Nintendo system I had. It's the original one but refurbished so you don't have to blow in the game (anyone with a system from back then knows what I am talking about) I told them I'd set it up in the room I fixing up for just them. First they had to look in the room as they thought Uncle Jim's stuff was still in there, even though they know he moved in with their dad. Uncle Jim has a huge TV and of course the Wii. Then they wanted to know if the games were a Wii. They seemed satisfied with what I had plans for. It's all in the presentation...present it happy and they are happy too.

Now it's snowing, again, prediction is for 3 to 6 inches...who knows...seems the ground is too warm for that, but I am only bus driver what do I know????

Tomorrow it's back to reality...for three weeks at least, then it's Christmas break! The life of a bus driver!


Martha said...

We made it through the month of Nablopomo! Do you think we'll both keep posting as much as we have been? I like it here too :-)

Yep, it's back to work and school for us tomorrow for three weeks too - at least we have another nice long break to look forward too (don't think I could ever go back to working a regular job)!

Have a great week!

Paula said...

It is nice to have you posting often Mrs. Bus Driver.

Ellen said...

I love all your entries for the past 30 days ! I remember Nintendo, how about Pong ?
My kids love our Wii...keeps 'em up and active at least.
Have a great night, enjoy the snow.

Lisa said...

I had no idea they could refurbish so you don't have to blow in the games. I know what you mean... we have to blow cool air on them all the time and it drives my boys nuts. What do they do to fix that? Can we take it somewhere to get that done like Gamestop? Was wondering how much they charge... okay LOL enough questions.... so glad you are all enjoying the games and the weather and yes me too walking outside or on the treadmill is my kinda exercise... and congrats on the almost 30 entries!! I missed a lot these past few months.

lisa jo said...

by the time we get a Wii, it will be obsolete. I bet your Nintendo will be just as fun if not as active. XO

madison said...

The boys want a wii for christmas but.......... they have nintendo 64, nintendo game cube, ps2, and xbox. The game cube and xbox were given to them but do they really need more?? Me thinks not, lol.