Thursday, November 13, 2008

oh thanks!

Thanks for all the comments! In life bad happens. It's like the roll of the dice. Since I have a rather large amount of children, my odds are greater for bad stuff. But then the odds for good stuff are pretty high too. So forget the bad...I am going to focus on the good, Tim getting engaged, plus he and his future Mrs. (that feels weird!) are including Liz in the wedding ... she was thrilled therefore her crappy day yesterday was made happy by an email from the future Mrs Tim.

Otherwise, I am over the whole window thing. It's going to cost a $85 for a new one, installed, not too bad.

Just glad my kid is OK and her car is not damaged. From now on she leaves the car unlocked and takes the stereo with her!

I did ask one of my "worldly" girls on my high school route (whose name is the same as mine!) if she knew anyone selling hot stereos and she said she'd think about it. Today she gave me a name, and I thought for a minute and said, "Hey what a minute... Isn't that the kid that you wish dead because he turned you into the police for having an illegal item in your purse???" "Well yes...but..."

Yeah right! Like I am gonna fall for that!


Remo said...

I'd still get the name to the police. They probably already "know" him somehow.

Have a great weekend!

Martha said...

I have to agree with Remo - I work with the police everyday at the high school - he's probably right!

Paula said...

Sounds like you are your chipper self today. Good.

Janie said...

Hope you get a clue of who did it. Sure someone knows who did it. Glad your daughter is alright. Have a great week. Janie

Ellen said...

Hope they figur out who did this.
Take Care