Monday, November 10, 2008


Another Monday, except it's about 50 degrees colder than last ... why oh why am I still here in the freezing Midwest?? Job, kids, grand kids, the known...guess that's why.

Driving around all day gives me an up close and personal view of the fine citizens that drive through my little part of the world. Being in taller than most vehicle gives me an especially keen view of others. The only time I've seen something especially interesting was on a country road a couple of years ago, a couple making out. My husband, a very seasoned truck driver often get the porno views, pantless people, etc. He's even been flashed. Guess being a man will bring that out in a lady.

A school bus also brings out the craziness in people. Even when I am empty people freak and don't want be behind me. While some citizens are polite, courteous and willing to let me do my job, some it seems, the sight of a stopped school bus and it's stop sign brings out the insanity in them.

For instance...I stopped on a two lane highway dropping off a 7 th grader. I let traffic know well in advance via my yellow lights that I was going to be stopping. Crazy lady in car 3 behind me decides she does NOT want to wait for me, she proceeds to drive around me on the RIGHT shoulder...she only stops when she realizes she is going to run over my very large student! I didn't even care that said student cursed at her, hell me too!

I've seen people nearly rear end motorcycles stopped for me. They've even tried to go around me past the actually sign. Many are yakking on the cell phone, or just plan have their heads up their butts.

And don't tell me to try and bust these idiots ... I have no time to try and write down license numbers and decriptions. My job is to make sure junior gets off the bus safely.

Drive safe you all!


madison said...

It's gotten colder here to. As for the school buses, I just don't know what's up with people these days. since when did not stopping for a school bus become the norm? I see so many people around here not want to stop for the busses. I've even seen one person read end another person who was stopped for a bus. I do see more and more often when there are busses behind each other, even if a car is in between, all the busses put their lights on and signs out, even if they are not the ones unloading. Good idea if it works.

Janie said...

Monday, Monday! lol Remember that song. hehe Raining and cold here today. Rain for the most of the week. Guess we do need moisture. lol Oh My! Too funny! lol How crazy!! The right side! Grrr Had a couple of teen boys pass me on the right side one day while going 65 down the highway. Don't know how they kept from loosing control with no shoulder to drive on?? Hope things get better. Blessings, Janie

roberta said...


Paula said...

That is why I like to drive or ride in a truck you can see out so much better. I bet you can really see some shows from your bus.

Martha said...

I notice the crazy behavior of drivers around school buses all the time! Of course I'm coming and going at the same time they are. Are people really in that much of a hurry?! It's one of my pet peeves, these are all of our children on these buses!
I've said it before , but I'll say it again - God bless you for what you do every day, don't think I could do it! Hugs!

lisa jo said...

I have seen cars going around buses alot.They ought to be ticketed! They could truly hurt someone. OX

Indigo said...

People are in such a rush anymore, they don't think nor care. I can't imagine what it's like trying to get those kids home with maniacs on the road. I would of cursed at the stupid woman who almost ran your kid over too! (Hugs)Indigo