Friday, November 7, 2008

a cold end of the week!

After our very warm week it ended with blowing winds, 40 degree temperatures and sleet. ICK! I of course was asked to do evacs. I never turn down work. It was fine this morning, but in the afternoon the pm kindergarten class had the normal little kid version and we went out the front service door. too much wind will blow the back door onto bus drivers head!

I spoke of the lottery in a previous entry. I was half joking, but my friends at work have been playing and last week Illinois had a special one. We went in on a ticket, but did not win. One of the girls wants us all to go in on a ticket every week for $1. You never know. I could have good news sometime in the future!

Actually our luck has been holding. Mark's been working extra and everyday for the past few weeks even on days that usually would be called off because of rain. YAY!

I truly believe though in life we make our own luck, besides there is way more to life than money. It's people that count!

And tomorrow I get to see my babies! double YAY!


roberta said...


lisa jo said...

i've written this week about lots of jobs closing down in Ohio. Scary.
I am glad you and Mark both have work...and we alsohave your weather too..YUCK. Stay warm!

Martha said...

Good luck on the lottery - you just reminded me, I haven't asked for lucky numbers since I've been here at blogger - I'll have to give that a try again soon! Stay warm! :-)

Paula said...

We did that in line dance but never won but a few dollars and just put it back in. Hope your group does better.

Janie said...

We have had the terrible wind and colder weather. What is a $1. lol Glad that Mark has gotten to work extra; that always help when Christmas is not far away. :) Choices sure do make a lot of difference in our life. lol Hope you have a fun and blessed weekend. Janie