Saturday, November 29, 2008

leftovers ... and some babie time

The kids were back from their Nonnie's ( the other grandmother) and wanted to spend time with Grandma Roses. I grabbed them after I got done at 7:00 with Mrs H. She was feisty and happy her regular full time girl was back from her break.

We spent time playing with the Lego set that my older kids had buried in the back of the closet. Most were sets & the kids were impressed with all the 'guys'

Lego sets are expensive and these groups survived in a covered tube.

All are asleep now, nothing like listening to the sound of a snoring child!


lisa jo said...

I know you are happy happy happy when the boys are near! XO

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hiya. Sounds like a good time was had :). Have a relaxing Sunday..


Ellen said...

My kids love lego's !

Enjoy, Rose, enjoy.

Remo said...

That's weird. I didn't start burying Lego's until AFTER I nearly broke my foot stepping on some pieces in the middle of the night.

Future archeologists will love my backyard.

Martha said...

Sounds like a perfect evening Rose. Can you believe today ends the nablopomo?! It was too easy don't you agree?

Jeanne said...

My son is ADDICTED to Legos' of all kinds. We must have THOUSANDS of them!! Glad you had fun visiting with the "chicklins'!"