Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I am updating this after a fun filled day of dodging voters! Yes, voters. For some stupid reason my community puts polling places at schools! My grade school not only had voters, but an excavating team digging up the school for the new addition. The morons did NOT put the chain link fence up quick enough for school to let out, needless to say the principal was quite freaked out. God forbid little junior fall into a hole!

Reminds me of last school year when a dump truck was dumping baseball mix at the ball field by another grade school this shortly before school was to let out. The 4th grade gym class was outside and the driver decided he wanted out...the gym teacher told him no, he'd have to wait until school was out...said driver proceeded to cuss out the teacher in front of the gaping mouths of the little tykes. The f word was used too. Never a dull moment around here in the burbs!


Ellen said...

We always vote in our school. Usually the Middle School although today it was in our elementary (grade) school. That "other" bus driver was pretty smart acting and talking like that ! Not to mention droping the "F" bomb ! Lol
Take care

Martha said...

Aren't schools fun? LOL!
I'll be glad when this election is done and over with!

Janie said...

Hmmm glad no one fell in the hole! That F word is something else!! Sounds like you had a busy day. Glad that you voted. We voted at 9 this morning. Blessings, Janie

lisa jo said...

most of the polls here are at churches....i bet it does make a big mess when you have it at a school. XO