Tuesday, November 18, 2008

busy tuesday...

The snow we had yesterday barely hung around. It basically dusted the ground and melted as soon as the sun hit it. Nice try winter! Not so lucky was Indiana they got socked by Lake Michigan and it's snow effect...6 to 12 inches. Part of the area is where Mark drives when he works for the Mail contractor on the way to Indianapolis. Fortunately he did not do that run tonight.

It's always a hazard in the winter driving down Interstate 65 in Indiana. Lots of blowing and drifting of snow. Both of my husband's jobs are effected by the weather. Guess that's part of driving for a living. I try not to let it worry me.

I had a junior high trip after school. Took the wrestling teams and the 8th grade basketball team to a near by junior high which is also a district school. Write up boy was present and made a smart remark to me. Then proceeded to tell very very strict coach, whom I am familiar with that I was the mean bus driver that wrote him up. Coach told him to apologize to me, which he half heartily did. Some junior high kids do not behave for long, I am sure this is not finished. No worries, I've dealt with this type before.

My dil has decided to let Jeremy see the boys...I spent some time with them after work. gotta get my renewed hope in humanity and they are just the dose of love I needed!
sleeping angels!


Martha said...

Awww, what a perfect picture - it kinda makes everything else ok doesn' it? :-)

Paula said...

Isn't it amazing how little kids can conk out anywhere. They get cuter everytime you post a picture.

Lisa said...

Oh those little darlings are just precious... thanks for sharing the pictures. Snow! Yes we're freezing enough here for snow but so far only flakes and frozen pansies. I hope Nick behaves on the wrestling bus.

Remo said...

I think life would be much better if we were all allowed to snooke with a binkie in our mouths sometimes.

p.s. It was 93 here the other day. Snow?? Wassthat?

Ellen said...

We had a few flurries here on Long Island, but that was all.
Dont' ya love Middle school attitudes? UGH !!!! If anyone can handle them YOU can.
Take Care.

suzypwr said...

We had a little snow - have had some almost every day, but it's not hanging around too long yet. Babies can sleep in the oddest posisions, can't they? :-)