Saturday, November 15, 2008

better get in number 4!!

Blogathon weekend!!

I better get in entry number 4. Tomorrow I am working at Mrs H's in the am and pm. Hubby is working tonight and was hoping he could do the Indianapolis run, which is get in a truck drive to Indy trade trailers and drive back. He did that run on a temp basis last winter which lasted to June before he went back to the construction regular job. He ran the Indy route last night. He has been doing a city route near Chicago for a while on Saturday nights. He uses his voodoo man charm to train all the postal help (women) at night to be ready for him, load him and off he goes. He's usually polite too...oh and good looking.

He was mad that they did not let him have his way tonight. The girl that used to dispatch all his work and has the hots for anything male quit or got fired. Now he has to settle for a guy dispatcher, who isn't that easy to charm. Plus hubby likes girls!


Martha said...

Only one more to go Rose!
I have 6 or more entires I want to post, LOL! I'm way too hooked on the memes and photo challenges!

lisa jo said...

Don't work TOO much this weekend. Sounds like Mark is one busy bee! XO

Insolent Muffin said...

That's a busy schedule for both of you! I guess I better learn to appreciate all the time I have off in college while I still can. :-)

Lisa said...

Lock hubby up LOL. Don't let those girls get near him. LOL.