Sunday, June 7, 2009

hey all!


Hi all school's finally out and I can be online once again. My husband works nights and our computer is in the bedroom. He sleeps weird hours so it's hard to get to my blog. We have moved things around and will relocate the computer to what is now an office of sorts.

I am on facebook more often, but even then it's just to pop in and say hello. Yesterday was my birthday and I find it a sign of our times that so many friends old and newer wished me a happy b'day via facebook. A bunch of my cousins even found me on facebook. I recommend the site. It's fun if you use it properly.

This school year was a long one and is finally over! I will be sharing a route again in July so I am off for a few blissful weeks! I still have my weekend job with Mrs H, and with the boys next door a few times a week visiting my son, I will be busy, but have much more freedom.

Mark has been extra busy with work, so we can handle me being off a few weeks. I am sure I will sub or do trips, but I need the break. Kids today can be so damn difficult, most are sweet, but when you have a kid that tells you that you have a big hairy butt, well then it's time to be done for the year!!!

I am doing great though and completely blessed!!!!


Lisa said...

i love your positive attitude......glad to hear all is well...that you have some time off....i hope the card i mailed got to you....i hope your bday was a happy love the pics of the grandkids!

Sugar said...

the pics are great.
glad to see your post.
i briefly tried fb, but didn't like it at all. many reasons. it's for some people, but others (like me) just like the journals.

Martha said...

Great attitude Rose! It's so great to see you back! After your last entries I was worried that maybe you got jinxed and got the swine flu, LOL!
A big Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I missed it! I guess I'm going to have to break down and get on Face Book this summer - I still have two more weeks to go and we're working 10 hour days so I won't be around much until after June 18th. Can't wait for some time off! HUGS! :-)