Tuesday, December 16, 2008

snow and people are jerks...

The weather here in Illinois has sucked, totally and completely. It's been minus too cold for way too long and it's only mid December.
Early this week we had 50 degrees and rain, then 5 and ice.

Today the snow started at noon and is still going...predicted amount is 4 inches, but it's a heavy four inches.

The bus ride home was slow and steady. High school kids were normal, human almost. The girl who I call Jr (we share the same first name) is back from her 2 day suspension. She's ungrounded and ready to parrrrrrrtaaaaaa. Big punishment.

The snow really started to pile up during the junior high run, wet heavy stuff that made my wiper blades form snotty blobs across the windshield. The boy who gives me all sorts of crap was back from his basketball break (for me). He and his sister love to see how far they can go with me. Today was no different. He's been already written up for saying the F-word and seat hopping. I am ruining sister's holiday...she's next for a write up. I have two very tricky stops on this route both on highways and both stops cars love to go around me. The snow made it worse. As I was crossing a long bridge, 6 grader J who is usually well behaved says to me, "Why are we going so slow??". HUMPH WTH??? I snap, "are you kidding me? maybe I should write you up for being so dumb.". I hope he went home and told mommy on me.

Then this evening as I was getting gas in the neon, fun driving a little car when the road is all ruts, I heard a Blazer honk his horn at this poor guy spinning his tires at a green light. jerk...

Otherwise things were fine. I had to stop couple of times to clean my blades and traffic was horrid.

Then my treat was coming home to my stepson who disappeared for 5 days, blew off the therapist I got for him and lipped off to me and his father. When he was told to do his dishes today he also lipped off...maybe the next time he leaves I'll change the locks. By his age I was married, had a job and working on having kids...


Lisa said...

Awwwww Rose, sorry you had a bad day, hope tommorow is better, Love and Hugs Lisa

Des's big daddy said...

Jeez, when it snows it pours.

Hopefully things get better for you. I recall a few years ago we had a big December winter and then once January hit it was like we were living in Seattle.

Melissa said...

Rose my hat is off to you! I cannot imagine driving a school bus in this weather! You're an amazing woman!!!!!!!

I looove that hanging snowman picture!

Paula said...

My daughter used to drive a Neon. I thought the seats were very comfortable. Good luck with the wintery bus driving.

E-Lo said...

((((((( ROSE ))))))))))))
Man you had a rough day on the road. I agree change those locks and see how quickly he straightens up to your rules.
Big hugs.

lisa jo said...

i know how you feel totally about the snow except i could NEVER handle a bus. I had to drive in pure ice to and from work last night and today. I was a mess. I hate winter. I hate winter.
I am sorry about your stepson. This generation is way way different than we were. I hope he moves out and your home is calm someday. LOVE ya