Wednesday, December 24, 2008

day of the eve...

Eggnog -- check
Rescue live tree that has been sitting in frozen water in the garage, up and decorated -- check
Abundance of Little Kids gifts wrapped and under the tree -- check
Big kid's measly gifts under tree -- check check
Camera ready for all those embarrassing pictures -- check
Snow and ice making drive way an ice rink -- check
Dad napping so he can go to work tonight -- check
Mom done cleaning so she can put her feet up and drink happy tea -- double check
Chinese take out menu ready by phone for Christmas dinner -- oh yeah check

Looks like this house is all ready for the fat boy to make his entrance!

Hope you all have a wonderful love filled Christmas, my dear friends!

Peace Joy Love


Linda :) said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Lisa said...

Rose, Merry Christmas !!!!!!, Love Lisa XO

lisa jo said...

AGAIN, i hope you all enjoyed the day....i know YOU loved being with the grandbabies! XO