Thursday, December 11, 2008

fast week

This week has sped by!! I had extra work Wednesday and today, busing one of the high school's kids to the empty new junior high that isn't being used, because people stopped building houses, for some testing. I got over time and they got a ride.

The Christmas treats for the bus driver have begun. One dear child handed me a bag filled with at least 8 different kinds of cookies and candies. His mother is my hero! and she works! I barely have time to make sugar cookies.

We've had snow this week which made for some interesting driving. One road regularly has high school kids in the ditch going too fast for their own good.

Next week is our last before break. Should be an interesting one, already one of my high school girls, who was serving an in school suspension for texting on her cell phone too many times got an out of school suspension for passing a note to a kid telling him where she buys her pot. God kids are so dumb!

The list for the detention bus for the alternative school usually has 2 or 3 kids is up to 10. Mine are acting up, but tolerable. Guess no body's afraid of ticking Santa Claus off anymore.

Not to mention the news on TV is all about our now famous Governor. Pretty sad when a 3rd grader asks if I've heard about the governor getting arrested. At least the kid is up on her current events.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!


Paula said...

Kids, kids. You have so much patience. Well someone must appreciate you to give you cookies and such. I'm sure they know how much you deserve them.

Remo said...

If it wasn't for teenagers, we wouldn't have anything to do. I guess it's better they learn their lessons early on. I'm sure that girl's grandparents would be proud of her. :::smirk:::

lisa jo said...

your governor needs a new hairdo! And his mouth washed out with soap.
We have had snow too...i hate it that teens end up in ditches due to snow. Enjoy your Friday. XO

madison said...

We've had ice, tne rain, and now snow. We've had it all this week! I havn't had time to bake chirstmas cookies this year either and it's not looking like I'm going to.

Lisa said...

Rose, glad your week went by fast, mail is coming for you, Love Lisa

Jeanne said...

I remember when Clinton did that whole "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" and my kids were all younger and it was ALL the talk at school....the President and his sex life. Your guy is just damn dishonest....and a liar and a cheat. Then there's the govenor from NY who used taxpayer money for hookers....

Isn't our politician system just GREAT???? (lol)


E-Lo said...

We always give our bus driver cookies !! I'm glad you like yours cause then I know ours like their cookies too ! *did that come out right?? LOL
Have a great weekend

Martha said...

Next week promises to be even more fun with the kids acting up - and bringing us goodies (have to focus on the positive!:-)