Saturday, December 6, 2008

breakfast with Santa & bad words...

The kids and I went to have breakfast with Santa. Jacob being the ever thoughtful oldest and worldly kindergartner wanted to pass as we were preparing to Santa for him. I told him there would be games and he lite OK! It took forever to get these three out of the house. The two year old Dayton insisted on putting his own clothes on...he has the family temper so a few bad words were said. Every child says bad words I don't care who you are if you've swore in front of your kids, they repeat it. Mine did, Tim used to say, "damn it" when I corrected him he used to say, "damn it, darn it, damn it, darn it". We used to be in the car a lot when I had Liz, she used to play with her dolls in the back seat and say, "get out of my way you stupid b*tch" Sorry, never said I was an angel. My middle kid Eric just swears a lot now.

With my job I have learned to not swear on the bus. Even in bad weather and stupid drivers my swear gauge is on no. A driver who is a very good friend of mine has a very very bad route this year. She admitted losing it one day and stopped the bus, stood up and said, "shut the hell up". This was right before she had a feature article in the once a week local paper. No one's perfect.

My grand kids must be on good behavior patrol because I said dang it today and Dayton said, "don't say bad words!"

Otherwise it was a fun time. Games were a bit cheesy, but the prizes were candy and little plastic figures, which the older guys liked, the little one the candy.

I was pleased with the Santa picture, all three smiled and looked like no ones torturing them like the kid in front of us...he threw fit. Perfect mom was not happy.

Near the end I let them run the length of the gym, back and forth. Dakota even broke into some break dance moves. Most parents wouldn't allow such things, but I am grandma Roses, I allow fun.

I am happy to do these things for the patience is that of a grandma...besides all I have to do is walk next door and hand them back to daddy! Just in time for a nap.


Martha said...

WTF is so wrong with a few bad words ;-)

I have some great stories on those - my oldest son had a thing for fire trucks when he was a teeny guy. Only problem, he put the two words together - the f from fire and the uck from truck. He screamed it loudly every time he saw or heard one, real or toys. We had the biggest "here I'll buy it just stop screaming that word" collection of fire trucks ever.

The little one thought the words Mother refered loving to his Mommy, ROFL!!!

lisa jo said...

i have a funny funny story about Meg swearing as a 2 yr old....i'll email you about it sometime.
I wanna see that pic! I know the boys looked so cute! XO

Jeanne said...

So, one day my normally rather quiet husband was trying to put SOMETHING together...unsuccessfully...and he muttered, under his breath "I am sick of the f****** sh**" apparently while two year old Kaitlin was within hearing distance. A day or so later, Kaitlin is out on our back porch, playing with her kitchen set, when she very quietly, while stirring her pot on the stove, blurts out "I am sick of this F***** S***" She actually said it in like a sing-song way! I said "where did you hear that??" And she said...."Daddy!"

Out of the mouth of babes.....(lol)

Now she's 20....and STILL saying it! (LOL!!)

E-Lo said...

I usually NEVER say bad words in front of my kids. Recently however, I had an unusually annoying driver I was dealing with on the road. Well, I threw the F bomb right in front of my daugther and she was so funny, covering her ears yelling, "Im damaged for life

Janie said...

Hi Rose, Just dropping in to say hello and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Life has been really busy for me this holiday season. Will share later on what I have been doing. lol God Bless and have a blessed week. Janie

madison said...

After I had the boys I tried really hard to watch my language. One day lost it and the oldest looks and me and covers his ears and says, My poor virgin ears, lol. Didn't even want to know where he heard that phrase at, lol.