Tuesday, December 2, 2008

dreaming of sandy christmas

I love my family, I love my town, although it's not the town I used to know it's much bigger. It's soul is still my town. No matter how many punks break windows, write on walls, or do bad I still love my town. I love my job, the people there, my friends, my students and even the administration. I love my old home, it's like me a work in progress, I love my family, my kids, my grandsons. I love it all....but why oh why can't it all be on a beach, preferable the west coast, but I'd settle for the gulf in Florida...damn...I don't mind winter, I am used to it. I'd love it if it only lasted until about January 15, then it could go away. :::sigh::: some day...some day, I'll spend more of my year on a beach! Mark has to work over Christmas, so our Christmas break will be here, not in St Pete, although our aim is now Spring Break at the end of March. (hear that Martha??, Sharon??? and Angie???) Oh and if Suzy's feeling up to it! Can we meet up then??? I am not mad, just bummed. I know I will have many many Christmas breaks to come. It's just that his winter job is all about the mail and post offices are very busy over the holiday. He couldn't possibly get off then, and with the economy...well I'll just have to put on my big girl pants and carry on. So here I stay. but I have these happy faces to make up for it!

The boys among the Lego!


Janie said...

Hi Rose... You can pick up your award at my journal. Hugs, Janie

E-Lo said...

I sure hope you get to the beach !! I'd love some snow here in New York. So if anyone wants to send some, I'll take it !

Jeanne said...

I WANT A BEACH TOO!!!! It can be cold and snowy here in December, but then I want it to be in the 80's in January...and by February, I want to be back on the beach again!! I LOVE that picture at the top of your blog and wish I were there RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!


lisa jo said...

I sure gave the mailman some extra work the last week or so with all the cards i sent out. More to send also. I love your header photo. Meg has warned me that she is moving to either FL, GA, TENN when she graduates from college. Rick will not move out of Ohio unless his mom is dead. I will not leave Ohio as long as my dad is alive. SO...i DO plan to move out of Ohio IF the parents pass on but i HATE Florida in June but i hate hate hate snow and cold. We did a cart party at 5AM today and it was 21 degrees. Howling wind. GOD HELP ME. So, i feel your pain my sweet friend. Love Ya.

Martha said...

Oh no! Of course I can meet you anytime you make it over here - don't know about the others, but I'm so bummed out that you won't be here when planned - totally sucky! :-(

Sharon said...

Oh NOooooooooooooo!
No Rose? No beach?
OK Spring Break I might be ok with that. You're right, hopefully there will be more Christmas breaks to get together. Enjoy your family!! We'll miss you!

Lori said...

I'm so sorry your husband is going to have to work over the break. Hope you get to Florida in the Spring, and I hope this winter passes quickly, or at least that the really cold and bad weather doesn't last long.