Saturday, December 13, 2008

kids and christmas party

Happy boys showing off their treats from last week's Santa fun. I do have the picture from their shot with the fat old boy, but I need to scan it and get on my computer. Liz work's at Target's photo shop so she's going to make me copies to give to their daddy and their other grandma. Other grandma took them out to eat at a restaurant today that features a train that brings their food to the table. I love it, whenever I do things with the boys she gets wind of it and participates too. Good for the kids. My belief is that all kids need all the loving attention they can get!

I had the boys here again last evening. It's nice for us all as Mark is working and they get all the attention they crave. With Jeremy next door it's easy to pack them up and shuffle them home! :) !!

This evening is my work Christmas party. I am a reformed drinker so my friend J got me off work early from Mrs. H's job and asked me to drive. She likes to have a few so I will be her driver. J was my monitor for a few years and has 3 daughters, she is also a newly single. She got me the job with Mrs. H and works all day on the bus and every evening for Mrs. H. Not an easy thing for anybody. So I'll be a nice friend and grant her the ability to drink with no worries.

Except no puking in my car.


lisa jo said...

you are a really good seeing the pics of the boys....a train that brings your food? How cool is that?

Carlene Noggle said...

Thats sweet of you to be your friend's desinated driver!!! Don't blame you about the pukin' in the car though!!! ugh! Had that happen once and trust ain't pretty!! lol lol
love ya,

Melissa said...

Bless their hearts! I just love to see Christmas through a little one's eyes.

Lisa said...

I love the picture of the boys... they are getting so big and still cute as ever. I hate when they grow up... I want mine to stay these ages forever... even if the teen is kinda sometimes difficult and challenging. Christmas is a wonderful time for creating memories with them isn't it?!!!