Tuesday, October 28, 2008

way too busy girl!!!

I have seriously been way too busy. The pain in my stomach went away, most likely caused by way too much stress!

I refuse to be stressed out now, but I am still busy. Mrs H came home Friday so I was over at her place Thursday morning cleaning it. Then she wanted me there twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday. In between the kids were looking for Grandma Roses ... they wanted to sleep here Saturday night, which was a nice diversion.
Mrs H has full time help, but still wants us "girls" to come too.

My son Eric is coming home Thursday, but he will be living with his dad and step mom. I am happy he will be nearby and working at a less stressful job position. His store wasn't doing well, plus he was also doing the work of the fired payroll person, which to me doesn't see right. :0!!

Halloween is coming quickly and I am already seeing the candy wrappers littering my bus. For a couple of weeks these kids will be on a sugar buzz to beat all heck. Sometimes I swear they have candy for breakfast!...also the district has been installing cameras on all the older buses. I think it's a state law, but I am quite happy with mine. The kids now must behave or I have video proof of there misdeeds! One kid actually thought it was hooked to a live TV and was acting all goofy doing a fake news cast. Kids are funny.

We are off on Friday for some sort of Teacher's Institute. A three day weekend for me! Plus the clocks get set back an hour so an extra hour too!! Mark and I are going to do some much needed work around the house. Jim's now vacant room must be cleaned out. Otherwise I am staying home and relaxing! And catching up with journals...which is normal for me!!


Janie said...

Well Mrs. H. sounds like a very sweet lady. She loves you girls. hehe That was too funny about the news live. lol I am sure the 3 days is much needed. I am glad we get an extra hour sleep. I think that is what is wrong with me.. running behind an hour all summer! lol Have a great vacation. Janie

Ellen said...

If my kids could eat candy for breakast they WOULD !!!!
I think the camera's on the bus's are a great idea. There have been times where my kids were bullied on their and the driver seems oblivious. I have always said I want YOU to drive my kids : )

lisa jo said...

I know you are happy that Eric is coming home....glad that Mrs. H is back home too. XO

suzypwr said...

I think it's legal to eat candy for a week after Halloween.