Thursday, October 9, 2008

a river of booze down my street....

I feel at home here already in these new digs!! Actually I was really ready for a change. I never realized just how many cool people that are just like me hanging out online and posting about their life's. AOL had become blah to me, don't get me wrong J-land is wonderful and it will be wonderful here too. It's the people that matter. I am still in touch with the very first person that ever introduced me to J-land. I love her dearly.

Did you know that you can go to your homepage on Blogspot, hit next blog & you go to another journal?? I found some interesting stuff that people blog about, even in other languages!

My work week is nearly over. My stepson Dale turned 22 today. Every morning I stop at my house during my layover, and usually park my bus at the funeral home down the block, today I parked on my road. Dale's mom stopped by with envelope, did not knock, just dropped it at the door and left. God that woman is piece of work, she tries very hard to steer clear of me. Dale is still waiting for his drug test to come back clean (it better) to start work at Target. He has to stay clean or he goes to big boy jail, which is Statesville (home to Richard Speck, John Wayne Gacy) in Joliet...hardcore stuff.

The kid is such a charmer that he has survived over 7 weeks with no money...either eating off his parents (us), or scrounging off friends, or as in the case last night flirting with girls at the new bar/grill down the street...then today a lady called and told me that someone from my house called her house in the middle of the night and was speaking very sweetly to some girl on her voice couldn't possible be to her...oops.

The therapist has suggested that we all sit down and make a list of rules for Dale, including me taking phone upstairs when I go to bed. No more screaming at the ex girlfriend or drunk dialing in the night. After this birthday farce/fest/ hangover. I am saying do not come home if you are drunk...stay where you are...I wonder if I could possible ever have a drunk free life?

The two next door are having their share of alcohol too....thank God I am so over that! And they stay on their side of the alley. I love my kids, but I know when to ignore behavior.

My son Tim is having us over for pizza tomorrow night. It will nice to hang out with him and his girlfriend, she is a teacher and I adore her. Actually he outgrew his over drinking behavior shortly after college. But with a start like this what can I say???

This is my boy stacking frozen (left outside) Old Style cans full of beer...don't ya just love the hair...


Ellen said...

I noticed you can hit "next blog" ....pretty cool feature. A set of rules is a great idea for Dale.
Have a great night!

Paula said...

Hope that river of booze runs away from you and stays away. Paula

Melissa said...


I wish you luck with the "tough love", I cannot even imagine how hard that must be. Stay strong!

I wanted to personally thank you for the sweet comment re: my daughter and her husband. I so appreciate the prayers and good thoughts. This community is amazing.


Martha said...

I really love it here too! I think we'll all be adding lots of new friends to our already full lists - can never have too many friends. Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

Janie said...

Gee! I need to get with it. Missed this entry! I like it here but having some trouble adding some things on the side bar. :( Sure hope step-son does better. That is good that your son is doing good. Raising these pigs can drive a person hog wild! Blessings, Janie

lisa jo said...

i THINK my mom drinks that kind of beer. Is it the cheapo kind? i pray pray that your stepson gets his stuff together!! Like you and Mark need all this headache at this age and time. LOVE YOU