Friday, October 31, 2008

WAH!!! I went to comment on Paula's AOL journal, but alas it was gone! POOF! All gone!

Makes me sad as I always knew I could look in my AOL mailbox (no matter what) there were alerts to be read. Oh well, guess I'll get used to the change.

Here's some bus driver stories to cheer me up...

During my midday I have 12 kindergartners I take home after am school and then I take 12 in for pm school. On the pm run the kids all basically know each other as they live in the same subdivision. They hopped on the bus all dressed up and excited for Halloween. One was a cute Alice in Wonderland, another a princess, one a unicorn, the boys were all muscle bound iron man, spider man, BUT one little girl threw me off, she pranced on all get up in a rock star outfit complete with a fake noise jewel! I shuttered and thought of a mini Britney Spears! One girl was Raggedy Ann and after a bit some of the kids looked her over & they exclaimed "who are you??" Dear God these kids know Britney but not poor Ann!!! They were all cute though.

I have a very full bus of grade school children. They are all very well mannered. Two girls now live in a house I used to live in when I was a single mom. It was actually part of an old farm house that was made into 3 apartments. These two have my old apartment. The both listen intently when I describe how the place looked when I lived there. They smile and think my stories are funny. I have a way of making all sorts of people laugh. Usually with a tinge of sarcasm. But hey humor is the only way to go these days.

Anyway, I told the kids if they were going to throw their candy on my floor they may as well give it to the bus of these lovely girls took me up on it and handed me a bag of m & m's, which to me is a good candy, not like jawbreakers or boring candy...although I like any kind of candy. yum.

Honestly these kids must of been tired as they were basically silent the whole way home!

This evening we have no little kids so hubby and I will build a fire and enjoy looking for the spooky ghouls that come out after dark!

Have a wonderful Halloween!


Paula said...

I did the same thing in j-land this afternoon. I wanted to comment on something someone said and as you say it was poooof. Kind of sad, isn't it? Kind of neat that some of your kids live where you use to live. I probably would have pulled a trick on them first and said Abra Cadabra I can describe the apartment you live in, described it and then told them the truth. lol

Janie said...

My little grand-daughter loved Britney Spears! She stayed the night with me and I asked her why she liked Britney Spears and wanted to look like her. I told her that since she was not doing pretty things.. she did not look that pretty. lol I think she finally got off of her. lol Now my little 6 yr. old grand-daughter went as Hanna Montana. lol Kids are too cute and I love to make them laugh and smile. Sounds like you will have a great Holloween. Blessings, Janie

Ellen said...

I didnt think Britney was big witht he kids now. It's all about Hannah Montana !! It's good to bribe the bus driver with candy ! Smart kids.
Have a great day

Martha said...

I didn't get to see any of the cute kids this year - they don't allow the high school kids to dress up, my kids weren't home and we don't get trick-or-treaters here :-(
Just catching up on your entries here for the week - sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy :-)

lisa jo said...

I love hearing about your bus stories. That little girl gave you the GOOD candy..the M&Ms! She must like you. love you

suzypwr said...

M&Ms are the best!!!