Thursday, October 9, 2008

i made a mess!

I downloaded my aol journal and it ended up with the old name...I am just going to start fresh here. Sorta like a new start...I have my old aol journal on blogspot but I can't figure out how to merge them. When I do it just creates a new one and merge to this one. I know aol warned us of that, but me the every, "doesn't read directions" girl forged ahead. So...for now I'll post here. If I wanna live in the past I'll visit there. Everything is going to be all right

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Indigo said...

Your on a better note than I am. I had thought I had mine saved onto disk...umm...until I deleted Raven's Lament. The code on the disk scrambled. I was lost...It was just by chance I discovered a hidden link still embedded into my Reader Service (it had copies of entries, just not the original entry) So I spent the night literally copying and pasting so I wouldn't lose it. So now it's safe in it's own home in my doc. files....Whoo talk about work. See what I get for not waiting and being headstrong. What matters is the entries that were endearing to me are saved. (Hugs)Indigo