Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dang it!!

I followed the directions to migrate my journal over here and DAM* it I screwed up and it ended up NOT being with my new one!!!! so my old one is here! But I am happy because it's all intact, everything all 600 + entries! EVERYTHING!! But now I need you guys to come back here too! So please re-follow me k?????????????

I am so confused!!

Love you!


Janie said...

Rose check out your profile. lol Check them out, all your journals. You are going to have to delete some, I think. lol I did that too. lol Let me check out my journal on what to do. My memory is too short!! Janie

Janie said...

Ok. Open each journal. If it is empty or not all there... click CUSTIMIZE at the right hand top of your journal. When page opens... scroll to the end... click delete this journal. It will be gone. It will also be taken off of your profile. Hugs, Janie